Traveling Inkblots

November 26th, 2009

Super busy here in New York, so I brought along a sketchbook with some inkblots in it to play with for my Art Every Day while I'm away. Here's what I did today. Love how portable these are! I'm going to keep trying to post while I'm away, but I don't have much access to the internet, so I may have to share what I've been up to each day in batches. We shall see.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday. I'm stuffed and happy to be with family. Thank you again for all your sweet words about my Grandma. Your support was so helpful.

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Your inkblots are such fun art. Glad you had a good day.

Beautiful! Such movement and strong colours.
Great to know you are having a lovely time. :)

What a terrific idea to get the creative juices flowing.

I have made inkblot style art without ink (using different kinds of paint!) and have loved what has come as a result. Never would have tried without your inspiration.

THANK YOU so much for being a powerful voice *AND EXAMPLE* for the creative process and how life changing making art, daily, can be.

love this idea. enjoy your holiday and sorry to hear about your gran. It sounds as if she died peacefully and l think thats all l can wish for rellyxlynda

I am glad you have having a nice time, Vibrant pictures very throat and heart chakra colours ….”expressive” sing and enjoy! :-) .

Are black birds in flight a common theme in your work ?
Or are they coming out because of a particular reason ?

I know you’re very busy in New York-but when time permits I would like to know, what are ink blots ?
They’re portable, which interests me because I get some of my most creative ideas on the go.

This latest painting is my favorite so far ( and you know how new I am )- There are those black birds and the ‘ stitching ‘ again. This time the birds seem to be flying in circles rather than up and away as they were in the past.

It’s also interesting how your colors have changed from monochromatic to vibrant.

Hi Leah

What a great idea–these traveling inkblots. You can make them ahead and then work on them whenever.

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