Creative Every Day Check-In: February 15 – 21

February 15th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for February is Home. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with it here.

Happy Creating!

I think that when you invite people to your home, you invite them to yourself.
-  Oprah Winfrey

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hello leah, happy heart day…while not of home, specifically, it is from the home in my heart…in progress, as always it seems…

My main goal this month…drum roll here… is to give a “HOME” to my art. That is, to get it out of my stufio and into a gallery for all the world to see and perhaps to purchase for themselves. And so, to that end, I’ve been in contact with web designers for the purpose of choosing one who will design that online gallery/shop to showcase and sell my art!! I’m pretty sure I have selected the right person to entrust my “babies” to and this week I will move forward and begin the process of constructing the site! My heart beats faster just thinking about this big step!! There is still much work that has to be done on my end but I feel that I’m up to the challenge now….

this week i am working on something new… yoga paper dolls! i fell in love with yoga and now the paper dolls i have been working on want to do yoga too…

Ugh, I’m frustrated. I so very much loved Art Every Day Month, and had hoped to carry that momentum forward.

Life-stuff (impending family move) has very much distorted my creative every day focus.

To be fair, I am solving problems creatively and I am making room for creativity in the future. But creativity in the present, in the form of artistic pursuits, is — blocked.

The home theme feels ironic. I’m preparing our townhouse for sale, so I’ve been packing and storing some belongings off-site. I started dismantling my studio space this weekend.

Somehow, I need to make room for art to happen in the transition. (If only to reduce the amount of art supplies I’ll need to pack and move!!)

I’m really having a great time with my creativity this month! I really feel like I’m refocusing on what is important for me, my heart’s Home. :)

I am discovering that “home” is very much sacred space to me and that it includes the whole of Mayne Island. Fascinating exploration that effects the decisions I make in cleaning and clearing – which is my big-big commitment for the month. Thank you as always Leah for hosting and holding this space.

Well, now the “Magic Carpet Ride” is over ~ I felt wonderful to be able to post on my blog & get an update to you. I have become a “sketching/painting” addict ~ It is the “soul” of my house of creativity. It is also nice to have this place “Creative Everyday” to share my thoughts with and you can read more on my blog ~ hope you will and love to have comments ~ Today, I am asking others to leave comments about their “respite” from Creative Journeying. So come Share the Creative Journey ~ would love to hear fom you ~ hugs & namaste, Carol

I’m back to creating art again – after a bit of absence after AEDM. Got sidetracked.

finally tackled the home topic – it’s a massive decluttering effort!

This week/weekend had been good! I made valentine’s cookies, which turned out pretty good. I played with a new recipe, which wasn’t great, but I used my creativity to overcome and make some wonderful cookies.

I’m also coming along with the hand drawing, although it is tiresome… Faces, next??

Still rocking the intuitive painting.
Also working personally on a shift in art/homelife balance.
Today is clean out and re-organize and re-energize the studio (which I am just now calling that instead of “office”).
Lots and lots going on here. I feel like the CED challenge is heating up for me in a really good way now.

signed up for an on-line faces class with Sharon Tomlinson. Her blog is All Norahs Art. Fun!

Hello, Leah!

I found your work through the art of nonconformity program, and I love your stuff and that you share everything.

Listening to your interview now, and I can relate to being an introvert artist. Thank you for putting yourself out there for everyone!

I’ve been doing a lot of stuff about home this month, but today I’m linking through something not related, just because I’ve been making some cards…

I am considering finding a new home by moving to Austin, Texas. Things feel like they are ending for me in California. I need a change. The thought of moving has gotten me to thinking about what I want to take with me and what I want to leave behind.
I have boxes and boxes of papers, journals, and photos. Some have great sentimental value, others I just brought along because I couldn’t be bothered to go through them and ferret out what should be thrown away. I think all of this “stuff” is weighing me down. I don’t need a lot in my home to be happy. I just need space, my dogs, and room to create.
It’s time to de-clutter, de-mystify, and generally shake things up.

I created my first ever podcast, a creativity meditation….inspired by the ocean being like the body, constantly changing and no matter what the changes are, still being at home in the heart…the meditation doesn’t address that directly, but it was the impetus behind it and all the creative work I’ve been doing lately! Have a great creative week everyone!

I’ve been playing with some design elements for a new blog….and learning about making headers, etc…so this link is a mock up to just a basic design, no posts, etc….that’s coming later. :) It will be my online “home”.

working on the details of the upcoming “You Have Permission” session :) Fun!!

I enjoyed your visit with Jen,I could relate to alot of what she said,especially the all over the map with ideas.and being out of balance,that one for sure.Thanks for sharing.

hi Leah,

I’m really loving being part of CED (this is my first month doing it).
I find that having a blog devoted to creativity, along with having joined the CED challenge, has changed my life for the better!
I go to sleep thinking of what creative thing I may do the next day, I often dream at night of art, I wake in the morning and find it easier to get out of bed knowing I have lovely projects waiting for me to play with!
I’ve been experimenting with watercolour painting (which I’m not too good at) and also with repurposing paintings that fail – finding ways to use them in other creative projects.
Thanks again for inspiring me.


Getting sick of the snow and not feeling creative. I need to fire my Left Brain!

This is so much fun!

I am not very creative art-wise, but everyday stuff is keeping me busy. I created a new blog which will be the home for my discoveries from my Bible readings. It will be in German, but I am going to announce the address here as well, as soon as it will be up to date.

Finally created a sketch and jotted down my feelings surrounding “home” that have been floating around in my mind lately. Amazing to sketch, then write and realize that the sketch relates to the words.

” Home ” didn’t happen-
Instead, The Man In The Mirror , wouldn’t go away….
Thank-You , Leah, for giving us the freedom to go where the heart leads us.

What’s this? Two posts in one week?!!! And neither of them about Home, but I promise – next week’s will be! I’ve enjoyed all the lovely Home related stuff in this week’s CED Round-Up.

My first attempt at an HDR image – Now I want to create more!

Hi! I’ve been watercoloring mandalas, learning how to use actions in Photoshop, and finished 10 postcards for a swap!

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