A Story Experiment

March 20th, 2010

To go along with the story theme this month, I had this idea to start a story and let you continue it in the comments. It could be like one of those campfire tales, where one person starts, tells a bit (a sentence or two or three) and then the next person picks up where the last person left off.

Let's give it a try! I'll share a piece of art (Leap) as a jumping off point, but feel free to take the tale in any direction you'd like. I'll start the first sentence in the comments and then whoever comes along next, feel free to write the next bit and so on. Have fun!

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That morning, Emily put on her favorite pair of orange-striped socks.

She always wore these socks when she set out on an adventure.

She was so happy to have them on…jumping up high with energy…

that she flew up and over the sharp peaked houses, and finding herself flying over the city.

Her left shoe almost slid right off as she soared into the air, but she’d done this enough times by now to know how to handle Slippery Shoes…

Emily had dreamed of flying. But this was the first time that she had ever actually left the ground. What a feeling!

She was a natural and would one day open a flying school.

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Or sometimes fly over the park and offer to return stray balloons that have left the grasp of young children.

And then, she saw behind a cloud…

A striped flying unicorn…or was it a zebra with horns?

She really could not tell what it was because she was amazed at the sight! She had never seen this before.

The unicorn pranced away and she came upon a window, with prisms for glass, and she realized it was the beginning of a rainbow…

So Emily quickly scrambled over the arch, careful to tread only on her favorite colors, orange and indigo.

As she stretched to the other side, Emily saw something she’d never seen before.

A village in the sky. She loved her magical socks, not only could she fly but she could visit enchanted places.

As Emily approached the village she saw …

Her only worry was that her mother would come looking for her and not find her in her room studying as she was told.

But studying was not as much fun as flying. You didn’t see Unicorns, rainbows or flying zebras in school books. Floating on clouds….

Emily had to decide whether to visit the enchanting place over yonder or whether to slide down the remaining part of the rainbow to see what magic lay there? A pot of gold? Another part of her world or perhaps a whole new world…

Her curiosity getting the better of her (not to mention the thrill of the ride) Emily sat upon the rainbow and began her exciting slide that, to her amazement ended….

right back on page 7 of her book. She was amazed that books can take you to far off places – places where one might see striped socks of flying girls, zebras with horns, rainbows of many colors, pots of gold, floating balloons. What else do these pages hold?

Before she had a chance to find out, there was a knock on the door. She recognized the secret pattern of it, but could it really be….?

M t.v. ???
Holy Smokes.
Great Balls of Fire.
Emily has the chance to become a hip-hop dancing musical star !!!

But I want to stay in the book a bit longer, thought Emily. Maybe if I close my eyes…

I will feel the energy of my striped socks again and this time they will take me to…

the land where I will finally get to build my Flying School!

Though Emily’s eyes were tightly closed, she felt herself slowly rising into the air once again.

And when she looked below she saw a whole gaggle of giggling girls floating there. And they were wearing lemon lime striped socks and black and purple striped socks and pink and yellow striped socks and every imaginable combination of striped socks under the sun and moon and stars…

Emily stretched out her arm towards the girls.

And, they stretched welcomely toward her. It was like looking deep into a beautiful, stripey mirror…reaching and stretching toward those girls. Toward herself.


And then she saw the big turtle with a purple and yellow shell. She’d never imagine a turtle like this before. Amazing!

As she got closer, she began to recognize all the beautiful stripey-socked girls. They were all of her friends in a magical land called Blogland.

Since none of her stripey-socked friends had ever visited Blogland before they were scared and held each other’s hands walking closer to the……

the gilt box. It was no bigger than a hedgehog and sunflower- yellow rays of light streaked out of the edges where the top met the bottom. They squinted in unison and held tight as they tiptoed into the glow.

the last time she used the magic trampoline she could see over the house tops all the way to the sea. but on this rareafied morning she did not come back down , finding herself a float.

She became caught in between two clouds that smelled remarkably like cotton candy. It was full of sparkly bits and she plucked one, smelled it and brought it to her lips.

Sadly, the bit melted just as she held out her tongue. Never one to give up, Emily quickly deduced all she needed to do was boldly take a bite straight into the cotton candy cumulus.

It worked. With her belly full of cotton candy, she felt contented and sleepy. Which was very bad timing. For she saw that the other girls had opened the glowing, gilt, box and out of it, comming quickly at them was a…

the most amazing white dove she had ever laid her eyes upon. As it spread its wings and came towards her…

Emily knew without a doubt that this was the moment that would change everything and there would be no going back!

Emily felt full of joy and hope. Everything would change when she embraced the dove. What would her new life look like ?

Emily knew from the bottom of her orange striped socks to the tops of the cotton candy clouds, that all was possible. She BELIEVED!

She believed but she went on tip-toe, carefully so as not to scare the bird away. Timidly, she let one hand touch its sleek white feathers. ‘So pretty!’ She thought to herself. ‘I wonder if I can…

The dove sat on her arm and the skin there started to become rainbow coloured, glittering scales…

…frightening her. Was she turning into a dragon? Or, would she get merged with the myriad shades of the sky? She made to shake the dove off but it looked into her eyes and…

she could see the shadow of a boy reflected in the dove’s eyes.The boy was drowing, or was he …

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