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May 26th, 2010

What are some of your favorite intuitive art resources? I thought I'd share some of mine and see if you guys had any to share too.


Life, Paint, and Passion by Stewart Cubley and Michele Cassou

Trust the Process: An Artist's Guide to Letting Go Shaun McNiff

No More Secondhand Art by Peter London

Painting from the Source by Aviva Gold

Art from Intuition by Dean Nimmer

And there are loads more books to read, but that's a start. I've taken a lot of classes on intuitive art making, including one with Aviva Gold. Every teacher has a slightly different approach, but I generally enjoy the process and like learning from different folks. I'd love to take a class with the fabulous Chris Zydel!

Other intuitive art resources:

An old post about letting your art speak to you.

Another old post about my painting of Ophelia, that started with a dream and continued as I followed my intuition.

A video of artist, Jonas Gerard painting in an intuitive fashion:

I'll be announcing June's theme shortly (holy moly! I can't believe it's nearly June!!)

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Thank you for the useful resources.

I enjoyed watching Jonas Gerard. I’d love to have a go at intuitive painting on a large canvas like that. I’ve tried in my art journal – sometimes it comes good & other times it is a simple mess – but I guess that’s all part of the learning process.

I’m off to play with some paint before I host a writer’s group meeting this afternoon. I think our theme should be Intuition – I’ll let you know how it goes.

Kat :-)

I just completed a weekend workshop with Stewart Cubley. OMG, this was a great time for me. If you ever get the chance you should attend one of these sessions.

Thank you so much for this list! It’s so silly, but I am still ridiculously stuck when it comes to making art. Maybe the trick is to let go and just let what comes, come. I’ll have a poke around this list –


Hi Leah, Thank you for this list and for the video of Jonas Gerard. How charming he is! What fun his approach is – so enjoyable. I have been sort of stuck lately, so it’s nice to have a new surge of enthusiasm.
I hope to investigate your list. I’ve been reading Finding Water by Julia Cameron (author of the Artist’s Way). She’s a great motivator for me.
Here’s hoping I begin to find my way :)

I used to watch the cardinals where I used to live. I put a bird feeder out and they always came. I think I read somewhere that cardinals mate for life. Isn’t that sweet?

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