Fire and Water

August 12th, 2010

I'm a total water person. I'm soothed by the sounds of water, blue is my favorite color, and my sign is Cancer (a water sign), so it's an interesting challenge to focus on fire this month. As I was working on the piece above, a play between reds and blues, I received my weekly horoscope email from Rob Brezsny, which reads:

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Here's a thought from the Cancerian
philosopher Gaston Bachelard: "He who listens to the singing of the
stream cannot be expected to understand the one who hears the singing
of the flame: They do not speak the same language." While I mostly agree
with that poetic formulation, I think you're about to be a temporary
exception to the rule. Normally you are acutely attuned to the singing of
the stream; your skill at reading its nuances are supreme among the
zodiac. But I expect that in the coming days, you will not only have the
power to appreciate the song of the fire; you'll even be able to empathize
with and understand people who are entranced by the song of the fire.

How perfect is that?

When I read the horoscope, there was just blue below and red above. After reading it, I drew in the tree which intertwines the two. Are you resistant to firey natures? How do you bridge the gap?

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Leah, what an eye catching piece. I love the texture of the blue section, and the red lines are dynamic.

ps thanks for yr email – I was in Boston a few years ago and I really love the city. Actually it reminds me of home in Melbourne, Australia.

love the “coincidence” of your horoscope! the universe truly does have a sense of humor, does it not?! the painting is lovely.

Hi Leah, I like your tree! I definitely bridges the gap between the blue shape and the red! I’ll have to think about bridging firey natures..I think I become quiet.

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This is SO visually appealing to me. And I love the process and explanation of how you got to it. Great job!

I actually have a preponderance of air signs with a lesser number of water signs, so I get torn between logic and emotion. But I loved your painting, it sort of reminded me how I used to tiptoe around fire because I associated it with the anger and aggro of my father. But last year, in February 2009, when I lived in Victoria, Australia, I created this pic:
I hope you don’t mind my posting the link, but I finished this like I was really driven to create such a powerful figure, even though my draft was of a much leaner goddess image and I tried to make her slimmer, but she just had a life of her own. I finalised it three days before the Black Saturday bushfires. I have called her Earth on the Rampage, because those fires were truly terrifying, one came close to us. I have actually managed to make peace with fire, but your post brought up my early, rather dysfunctional relationship with fire.

I enjoy Rob Brezny’s horoscopes as well. And how synchronistic is yours to your theme. I always consider these to be signs from the universe that I am where I am supposed to be doing what I am supposed to do. I’m Aquarius Sun, Gemini Rising and Scorpio Moon – so I’ve got the air and water going on. Need me some fire!

I have a fiery nature, even though I’m a Gemini (air sign). But fire needs air to stay alive, right?

Maybe the challenge is to mediate the amount of air that fire gets so it doesn’t glow too hot and burn down everything in its path.

I’ve always been drawn to fire and air (Libra is an air sign so at least that part makes sense) but I have been drawn to earth and water at various times also. Being a metal worker brings all of the elements together, maybe that has something to do with it. Metal comes from the earth is formed using air and fire, is cooled using water or air, goes back to the earth through corrosion (caused by water and air).

What a perfect horoscope!

I like staring into the fire when camping, and feeling the heat of it when I’m cold, but I do prefer water.

Well for me fire and water have always made steam: sun sign Aries rising from Pisces (fire out of water); Rising sign: Cancer moving into Leo (water and fire again). I’ve always thought this knowledge made it easier for me to understand why I straddle so many opposing interior forces! I have Leo in 7 houses (my friends who know astrology, which I don’t really, say that’s no surprise). ;]

Cool piece! nice contrast! :-D

Love it! The blues are so comforting. The red lines actually reminded me of lava that was spewing out on the wind from a distant volcano. I’m so glad you shared it!

I love blues too…but I am a fire sign…I need to be near the ocean at all times and my fav things are the beach and the water…maybe Im trying to put out my fire….LOL..!I love your mix of reds and blues…just great…and the overall calming effect of this piece…I just found you on twitter..nice to meet you….!

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