The Sweet, Small Touches

April 5th, 2011

I've had two baby showers, one in New York for the hubster's side of the family, hosted by my mother-in-law, and one here in Massachusetts for my local family and friends. My best friend, Judean, offered to host the local shower in her home, along with my mother, sister-in-law, sister, and step-sister. Both showers were wonderful and I had a blast at each!

I thought it would be fun to share some of the beautiful, creative details that my best-friend created for the local shower because they fit so perfectly with this month's theme of small!

Here's a pic of the hostess with the mostest with the super cute polka-dot balloons. I was so blown away by all the little touches she did. It made for a delightful environment and I was so touched by all the thought she put into everything. Thanks, luf! You rock!

Above, you can see the makings for an abc book. Guests were instructed to select a letter and draw their own page (for example, they could do L is for Lion and draw a lion on the page.) The pages will later be bound into an abc book for our little girl. How cool is that?

I was smitten with these painted polka-dot buckets, filled with buttons and topped with these gorgeous fans that were throughout the room. So adorable! You can also see a glimpse of the shower favors in this pic, They were baby jars, filled with a homemade brown sugar scrub, covered with adorable fabric, ribbon, and the sweetest little labels that said, "From Leah's shower to yours."

In this picture, you can see the guest book, a copy of Prudent Advice: lessons for my baby daughter (written by one of the authors of the very cool Prudent Baby blog) with instructions for guests to sign their name next to a bit of advice that resonated with them. You can also see the adorable badges (with magnet closures on the back!) made for me and the grandmothers-to-be. And do you see the polka dot table cloth? It was made from sheets! Love that!

Speaking of the grandmas-to-be, here you can see my mom, myself, and my mother-in-law with our badges on. They're just a little excited. And above us you can see the beautiful bunting my best friend made in my nursery colors.

And oh, the gifts. It's a workout opening shower gifts, but oh my, the little dresses, teeny-tiny socks, onesies, hair bows, toys, handmade blankets and sweaters, and a gorgeous handmade baby book. I'm overwhelmed by how loved this little girl is already. We'll be meeting her soon! We've got a little more than a month to go, give or take! And here's one belly shot for you guys, that does not fit into the theme of small, more like the theme of basketball. ;-)

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Oh Leah, so much love! Barbara

You are so adorably CUTE!! Look at you!!

awwwww. I’m blushing :) I luf you!

Oh how wonderful! All those gorgeous creative touches at the party were amazing. You must feel very loved and surely your baby girl can feel that already. And you look fabulous! Its all very very exciting :-) )

Kat Xx

beautiful!! girl, you are glowing. hope you are feeling well. xo

This shower was AMAZING! Seriously everywhere you looked there was another piece of cuteness. She should be a professional party planner!

…… now we wait for her arrival!

You look wonderful, Leah! Your shower must have been so much fun — thanks for sharing all the creative touches. I love polka dots and really enjoyed seeing the polka dot theme!

Your shower looks like it was so much fun and I am sure you received lots of wonderful things. Having friends and family around you to celebrate these wonderful voyages of life is what it is all about.

You look great and I can’t wait to see that little one,


Awwwhh.. how lucky you and your little button are… to have such loving family & friends :) . Take care, Leah.

adorable, i especially love the wreath!!

So sweet! I love all of the attention your friends and family gave to the decorations. I especially LOVE the abc book. What a great idea and something you daughter can treasure for years to come. Wishing you all the very best.

I agree with Amy – there was a delight for the eyes everywhere you looked. Cuteness and creativity abounded. And I’m still dreaming about the wonderful food.
It was an honor to be in the presence of such love.

xo, K

I love the ABC idea, your friend did such a cute job and you look amazing!

Leah You are so beautiful! I’m so happy for you. I was thinking today how my oldest will graduate from high school in two years and I can remember his birth like it was seconds ago. Mother love is the most powerful love in the world. An incredible gift.


Great photos. Beautiful colours.

What a beautiful shower… You look so beautiful. How exciting!

Congratulations Leah. I have never been to a baby shower – they have only recently caught on in the UK. But this one is a wonder to behold! Good luck with the next few weeks and I hope you are feeling wonderful!
Janice. x

You look grate! Looks like you had a lot of fun. All the best!


Dear Leah,
It is wonderful to see you welcoming your baby girl into the world by celebrating her arrival through the baby shower. I love that idea, and the way that it is set up is truly priceless and so very beautiful. You are beaming!! I am so happy for you, and wish you well on the birth. xx Blessings ~

You look wonderful Leah!! And your friend did an amazing job. Beautiful.

You look so cute and what a perfect shower they set up for you!

Awww everything is so cute! And you look very beautiful and happy:)


Ah,Leah, you are in the best of times.

Leah I was just thinking that it must be getting close to baby time. You look incredibly beautiful and happy. My daughter and a baby boy on February 19th. We have been enjoying him very much. I think baby showers help to create community for families with new babies. I have forgot your exact due date but I always trust that babies arrive when it is time. Take good care. Terrill

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