Metamorphoses, a Guest Post by Tammy Vitale

June 9th, 2011

Metamorphoses:  Change of physical form; change of appearance or character; …supernatural transformation.

When you practice your art, when you follow your bliss as an artist, you are no less than the caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  Embrace the mush that happens in between!  Celebrate that you can bring this gift to the world.  Honor yourself for being brave and true to your calling.  Soar!!!


Artist and Business Coach Tammy Vitale has been a full time artist for 10 years.  She developed and ran ArtsAlive!, a non-profit venue to bring diverse artists and art to her area.  She was also co-owner and curator for The Wylde Women’s Gallery whose goal was to make a place for artists who “didn’t fit.”  Her art is represented by a growing number of shops and small galleries in the continental United States and is collected by national and international clients.

Using her BA in Business Administration, her MA in Story and her on-the-ground experiences as a practicing artist, she creates a delicious how-to mix to help Artists and creative Entrepreneurs piece together the puzzle of perfect peeps, products, pricing and places to sell at Sell Your Art, Keep You Soul.

You can find Tammy on Facebook at TammyTVitale, and read her blogs at: Http://  She also offers free daily inspiration delivered to your inbox through Wylde Womens Wisdom.

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wow,, I’m so amazed at an artist just keeps building and building an art piece such as this,, beautiful and the words were beautiful as well, thankyou for this beutiful post,

So greatful for artists that show their process. It is fun to look at over and over again, and to see more and more. It is like a puzzle or maze where your eye looks all over the piece.
Thank you

Leah – thanks so much for hosting me! This was SUCH a fun project!

Joyful metamorphoses from the blank page to the wild spirit manifestated. :)
Cool to see the process.


Did not see the figure coming until the sixth step! Really nice to see the progression – good reminder to continue through the “mush” in the middle before the butterfly emerges.

-thought I have produced my share of moths!

This is gorgeous! I love the frogs.

thanks, everyone! I appreciate your comments! David – moths don’t transform too? Shayla – I didn’t notice until I relooked at these that the one frog was looking at a spiral and I think I covered it up! Funny how you miss things in your own work! The frogs are some tissue paper I bought a long time ago for wrapping art at festivals – and now I can’t find it anymore. If I’d known it was going away I would have bought lots more!

Oh wow – what a FABULOUS step by step vision – from blank page to a full, FULL BEAUTIFUL work of art! How rich, how Wonderful!
Thank you!

Beautiful and inspirational. I will keep slogging through the mush. Thank you.

It was great to see all the stages and layers that went into this imaginative beautiful piece of art. Thanks for sharing!
Kat X

So beautiful!

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I love the whole sequence, but my very favourite is when she opens her eyes! Love Meg x o

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