Oh, How She Grows

December 2nd, 2011

My baby girl is 7 months old today! I looked back at some of her pictures in her little chair over the last seven months and was amazed at how much she's grown. Blows my mind! She's such a bright light.

Here's some of them.

At 2 weeks:

At 6 weeks:

10 weeks:

3 months:

4 months:

5 months:

6 months:

7 months, today!

I love you, little Mush!

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Oh how adorable! She looks delightfully mischievous and giggly. Congratulations! I am sure you are such a wonderful momma. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

Personality just shines from that adorable little face! The 6-month pic with her tongue stuck out made me LOL :)

Leah, you can really see how she’s grown by taking the photos in the chair. I am not particularly a baby person, and have had no children of my own, but OH MY! your little Annabelle is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen, I’m sure of it! Her expressions are so incredible and say so much without words! Thank you for sharing this, xoO

She’s so beautiful. Congratulations!

She is beautiful and so full of personality. Taking her picture in the chair really helped to showcase how much she has grown.
I also want to thank you for creating AEDM. This was my first year participating and I enjoyed it so much. I learned so much about myself and my creativity and how important it is to me. No more putting it last. Now, it will be the first thing I do each day. Thank you.

She’s gorgeous, Leah!!!

It is amazing how quickly they grow and just how early that personality forms… she looks so joyful but I love that cheeky one with her tongue out a bit…. too cute xx

She’s your best creation yet! Adorable!

She is so joyfully happy. Love her smile!

What a happy and adorable baby! I love this series of photos…..you can almost see her legs growing. Thanks for sharing, Leah.

Great series…keep up the photos on the polka dot chair! She is a doll! Mine is 14yrs now and I often wish I could slip back to those days just for a few moments! Julie

I can see why you are so besotted with her. She is so adorable…such a beautiful baby!

What a smile! There is such a wonderful sparkle in her eyes! Oh, this Christmas will be magical for you all.

My first time stumbling upon your blog, site and classes and I have lingered here for quite some time now! These photos will be priceless for your daughter, who will be so shocked when she is old enough to understand her relationship to that darling chair! Did you cover it yourself? If you bought it as is, I would LOVE to know where! My first grandchild will arrive soon and I think I need the chair! (Sorry this is so lone – but one more thing – I read your “100 things” post to learn about you and was stunned and how many I could have written! Although old enough to be your mom, I think we are kindred spirits! I am not at all a “what’s your sign” kind of girl, but if you tell me you were born in mid July I might become a believer!)

She is absolutely precious….my baby will be 15 on Saturday…I can’t believe it…savor every moment!

The sweetest little girl!

Aww she has such a big smile! We’ve been looking back at photos and videos of our toddler recently and it’s shocking how fast she grows and how much you forget! I’m going to take plenty of photos of my two week old as she grows. It all happens so fast and I always miss it when it’s over.

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