Brand New Artist in the Making

January 15th, 2012

This is my silly, sweet, beautiful girl.

And this is her first drawing. A little artist in the making! :-)

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She’s gorgeous! Those lashes… And is obviously very talented :-) That’s paper, not wall, right??

How precious is THAT?!? holy moly… check out those eye lashes! She’s beautiful Leah. You must so love cuddling such a cutie. And that colourful drawing – well – definitely ART. :-)

Thanks, ladies.

Haha!! Fortunately for me, it’s paper, not wall. :-) Once she starts crawling, all bets are off though!

So beautiful. Girl and drawing. ;)

A great photo and I am sure you will end up with a huge folder full of artwork over the years… I love looking back through it and seeing how Phoebe has grown…xx

Hooray for future artists!

I love her eyes. What a pretty color!

This is fascinating to watch as Leah began her artwork at a very young age as well!
Sit back and enjoy the journey Leah!

Hi Leah,

She’s beautiful!

When my son was that age I would tape large paper to the kitchen linoleum floor, strip him down to his diaper and let him finger paint. For clean up, I’d just scoop him up and wash him in the tub.

For my older daughter, I had to set up art stations when she was 16 months old, so I could get her to stop painting and clean up. I’d tell her it was time to work with clay, and she’d happily get her paint covered hands cleaned up, rather than try washing a screaming paint covered toddler who didn’t want to stop creating!

My youngest daughter would suck the ink out of the markers and eat the oil pastels, much to her older sister’s horror! Fortunately they were non-toxic Crayola, but they did make for colorful diapers!

Have fun with the little artist! :-)

I love it! I was cleaning out a closest recently and found some old greeting cards I made long ago using my kids’ art. I think they were holiday thank you cards to send to the friends/relatives who had given them gifts. Seeing those drawings just brought it all back to me – just what I love about art – it connects to emotions & feelings.

Such a looker! I have boxes and boxes full of art from my kids growing up, I only wish now I had been better about dating it all. :) I love kid art.

Your daughter has such beautiful eyes!
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Sooooooo adorable and love her art work ~ you are blessed ~ namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey)

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