Creative Every Day Check-In: April 23 – 29

April 23rd, 2012

Sorry for the delay today! This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Ways to share: Once you've signed up, you can leave a comment on this post and/or use the "Mr. Linky" widget below to link to a blog post(s) about your creative activities during the days of 4/23/12 - 4/29/12.

The widget below is an optional method of sharing your creativity that makes it easier for others to check out what you're up to. You can use it to link to a blog post (or posts) or flickr image during the week listed. Or if you have a bunch of posts and don't want to link to all of them, you can link to your main blog page once. Do it in a way that makes sense and is fun for you! If you're unsure about how to use the widget, check out the "How to use the Mr. Linky widget" section on the Creative Every Day Challenge page. (If you're reading this in a RSS reader or email subscription, you will not see the "Mr. Linky widget", so click on over to the blog to use it.) If the Mr. Linky widget is missing from this blog post, it's probably a problem with their server and it will come back as soon as it's fixed. You can always leave your link in the comments.

You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to. If you're on Twitter, you can use the hashtag #CED2012!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for April is Language which you can read more about here

Happy Creating!

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Good morning, Leah,

I can’t believe I’m the first comment. I don’t think that has ever happened before.

I am happy to report that my muse has finally come home and I hope she is planning to stay, but you know how fickle she can be.


This week’s post is about a message brought to me by spirit wise women elders on my birthday – about going deep for learning and development, while at the same time, focusing on the growth of community and the earth. Happy belated Earth Day friends!

Hello Leah, hope all is well your way, always great to link here on a Monday, have a great week Leah!

Rainy and cold today here in Ontario – perfect for working on indoor projects and painting! I’ll be working on paintings of Ker Church for the NiagaraHERE project. Two of our kids and I were a bit under the weather last week, so I’ve not had chance to update my blog, but will be putting up new images of current work this week. Have a creative week everyone! :-)

Last week I managed to take up the “language” theme, finally, with some chocolate-related typography. Thanks again for setting this up, it really *is* making me more creative, albeit more like every week than every day…Have a great week!

I spent last week visiting 5 colleges in 5 days with my daughter. Whew! Hence, no art and no check-in. Yesterday I managed to create my postcard challenge for the week – Romania. I’m looking forward to a creative week. Enjoy!

Painting, card making and a few button crafts made up my week.

Hi! I just found your blog through AMD and Carol! I’m all about creativity so I’ve entered a link, and I’ll be back for more :) )


I’ve been journal painting and making collages this week. I’ve been inspired by all the lovely flowers and their colors! Enjoying a wonderfully warm and early spring up until last night when the cold came back for a visit.

I wanted some bling in my pond! Enjoy! Terah

This week I am working on finishing up a custom piece of art so, I am sharing that on the blog! I hope to get some language time in once it’s completed. Hope everyone is having a creative week!

I am creating photos with words that illustrate my inner mood

Hi yawl, glad to see all these people doing this. Sorry I haven’t done ‘language’ as a theme yet, but there are still a few days left!

My last piece was NSFW, so I’m just linking you to the ’safe’ half. ;) Anyway I have had a ball working with different media recently. I was getting stuck in a digitally drawn/toon rut, so I thought I’d work with other things.. first collage, then with Sennelier (transparent) inks. They are WONDERFUL to work with, but I do recommend their medium instead of just using water… these inks dry to a hard lacquer finish in your palette, so use sparingly! I’m gonna do more. I have this porn/children’s book illustration dichotomy in my head that has to somehow get resolved. I think it just means I’d like a little ‘fine art’ in my fan arts. :)

thanks, Leah! i love taking a look at what you and others are doing, and having a chance to share mine!

Posted photos of a commission I just finished. Cute little boy named Luke has been my focus for the past couple weeks. Progress shots and video on my blog.

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