Day 14: Golden Trees

November 14th, 2012

A piece of intuitive art today. Playing with paint on watercolor paper, this is what came out!

Tomorrow, I leave for a few days away with family. The daily check-in posts will still be up, so you can share your work, but I won't have my laptop, so I won't be able to post my work until I return (Sunday.) If I can connect to the internet on my phone, I will be sharing my work each day on Instagram! And I'll be able to check my email occasionally. Good luck with your creating, everyone!!

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What a beautiful piece of art work. I love the color and the texture of your work. Hooray for experimenting with watercolor paper. :) It’s amazing when we just allow creativity to take shape on it’s own. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful time away on your trip with your family. Enjoy and rejuvenate x

Stunning colour, love it :)

Gorgeous….funny, I happen to be wearing a red and purple print skirt with a purple top. :)

Purple and Red – so much energy there! and power! Have a lovely away time!

Beautiful, such a rich mysterious piece!

Absolutely beautiful Leah. Such rich colours – so much depth. Enjoy your trip :)

Wow! We seem to be in sync! I also posted a brightly colored autumnal image in my AEDM post today. Love your image of the woman and tree.

Red and purple are two of my favorite color combinations. And those golden trees make the perfect accompaniment.

Leah, intuitive art is my very favorite kind. For me it seems to come from places in the brain where the mind is unaware of itself. It is like looking in a mirror…never knowing what will look back at you. Thanks for sponsoring this great event. I am loving it.

Gorgeous Leah, your colors melt into one another so beautifully, this is another favorite, it’s warm and has such a soft mellow light to it!

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