Day 5: Heart Tree

November 5th, 2012

It's a meditative practice, making little white circles on black paper!

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Oh, so lovely!! That does sound meditative…

I love this idea- now I want some black paper and a white pen.

This is lovely Leah!

Oooh, it looks like knitting. Lovely.

Cool idea! beautiful!

Oh Leah…..thisis beautiful. Love the ‘bark’ too

Oh Leah…..this is beautiful. Love the ‘bark’ too

I love the look of this! it looks like Crochet!!
your trees are looking so wonderful and this month is very inspiring. A thank you is always in order.

Love this! I bet it was meditative and peaceful to create. :)

Lovely line work, Leah!

Meditative is good! I love the peaceful effect. It is so perfect for this time of year as we start to wind down in preparation for winter’s approach.

Hello Leah, I’m still not participating in this, a shame but I’m just not as with it…I create every day, but don’t always make it to post something….still I love checking out your lovely art and I loved the sweet photo of Annabelle in a previous post, 18 months, it’s a wonderful sweet age, Lulu will be 18 months at the end of this month, they are the same age, so I understand all you are going through, it’s hard yet so magical too!

Really delightful!

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