Day 9: Fall Into Winter

November 9th, 2012

Definitely have a winter theme going on! I sketched this idea the other day and it came to life today, a little different than I first imagined it, but I like it. And I like even more that my little Miss is taking a nice nap, so I could paint. :-)

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Hello Leah, ah yes those lovely naps! This piece is another very lovely one, full of quiet beauty, just like this season as Autumn moves to Winter. I love her branches going downwards in her dress and the leaves just leaving her hair, it’s full of the pull of the season, I love it!

I just love your drawing style, Leah! I hope to start participating in Creative Every Day in December.

This is gorgeous! You should link her to Illustration Friday – the theme is TREE.

very cool

Stay inspired!

Gorgeous – I love the way her hair flies with the leaves on the breeze and the way she is rooted. Beautiful imagery and a feast for the imagination and soul.

And great that your gorgeous babe let her Mummy create :-)

Kat Xx

She’s so beautiful. I love the way you did her hair. Leaves yes, but suggesting fire, too. Makes you think of the smell of leaves burning in the fall.

Lovely! great images for fall!

This is awesome! I love everything about it.

Once again lovely. You have quite the series going. Savor those nap times!

Love what you’ve done here. Somehow – it speaks to me today..:-)!

Oh Leah I adore this! I love her hair and purple is my fav. color… :) Oh I remember enjoying the nap times. Mine are in the teen and tween years and am rather enjoying it – most of the time. *lol*

This is so beautiful!

I looked at this and got cold! But then it’s time to build a fire in the woodstove and my fingers were cold anyways! Put a coat on her!

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