Days 22 – 23: Inkblot bridesmaids and Sophia

November 23rd, 2012

I hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends! With my extended family, we'll be continuing the celebrations tomorrow. Yesterday, I did some inkblot art in a small sketchbook, leading to this image of two blue-haired bridesmaids.

Perhaps they're the same blue-haired sisters that appeared in an inkblot last year! :-)

Today, I was doodling owls in my sketchbook and had the idea to do an owl perched on a woman's head. I'm calling it Sophia. In Greece, owls represent wisdom and seeing little owls in my head while breathing through labor is partly why I chose Sophia (meaning wisdom) as Annabelle's middle name. I wasn't thinking of my daughter with this image though, it was more of an outward representation of the brain.

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Wow, Love hte inkblot girls and the wise looking girl in the bottom. Great work.

I really like the owl and girl – lovely lines!

Love your inkblot girls and owl!

Wow love where serendipity led you, awesome results!!!

Hmmmmm, love the reasoning………A will be wise….like her mom

Owls seem to be a very popular subject these days along with the peacock. Has anyone noticed this? Very cute, Leah.

Sweet, those girls have their heads in the clouds for sure!


Delightful creation ~ love the inkblot effect ~ Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ thanks for hosting (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

I don’t know what it is about birds and heads, but I am so drawn to them – and your picture – and sculptures of same. All of my big garden sculptures have a bird somewhere. What *is* that? I have to wonder what it arouses in the subconscious! As always your inkblots are magical – what an imagination! thank you!

Hello Leah, the owl and girl is such a simple but striking creation, it’s great in black and white like that, owls are such deep and symbolic creatures, I love this piece!

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