Day 12: Tall Shadow

November 12th, 2013

Today both Annabelle and I played with shadows in art. I painted a monochromatic piece on watercolor paper. I don't want to say too much about it, I'll let it speak for itself! 

Annabelle has been noticing shadows a lot lately, so i thought it would be fun to play with shadows in art today with her. We made shapes with our bodies on a big piece of paper, then traced them, and then colored in and around the shapes. After we did some body tracing on the other side of the paper, which she got a big kick out of. 

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When I first saw the shadow, I felt it was spooky and intimidating. Since art is so subjective, I like how you left if to my imagination to fill in the blanks, or shadows, as the case may be.

BTW, Annabelle looks like she’s feeling better today.

Your work has such a peaceful, ethereal quality! Simply beautiful :)

There are several good children’s poems and nursery rhymes about shadows–one by Robert Louis Stevenson, I believe?
Great stuff for nap time and bed time story hour! :-)

for me, it’s the things we fear that can look so big yet sometimes they are not as real as they seem.
yet again, love this!

Such fun with Annabelle! Your piece is impressive, I love its simplicity and how it speaks out,

Slightly menacing and over-powering. But aren’t all our best ideas like that to begin with?

This is very powerful! Rather terrifying, as well, but beautiful nonetheless.


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