Day 13: Girl with the Yellow Hair

November 13th, 2013

This afternoon I had a headache and the intuitive piece I was working on was just not flowing. Today was a day to stop and let it be, even though I was not satisfied. I cropped out the part I liked best and said, "good enough for today!" And that's ok! Some days are like that. 

Annabelle had a great time painting some heart frames. I love the serious face she gets when painting! 

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It feels as though your discomfort shows through in your work. I like that you just let it be for now, when it wasn’t working. A good lesson for me too! Your daughter is adorable!

I so love your lady though with her flowing hair.. Annabelle is such a sweetie sitting painting there.. :)
Sandy :)

Hello Leah, I’ve missed the last few days. WOW, your art is so beautiful each time, love your style. Those calendars are GORGEOUS and so unique, what a special gift these would be.
I love what you’ve been doing with Annabelle, that shadow one is my favorite. I’m a HUGE shadow fan, just took my first one of the season in the snow the other day.

Sorry for your headache, hate when that happens. Hope today is a better day.

Your yellow haired girl looks great, so bright and alive with color! Annabelle always looks like she’s so concentrated and loving her art moments, wonderful!

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