Day 14, Winter Fairy

November 14th, 2013

The idea for this was in my sketchbook, but it was originally stars falling from her hands. I decided to make her a snow fairy instead. It's acrylic on a small 6"x6" canvas. 

Annabelle had dance class today and learned about jetes. So cute! That was going to be her art for the day, but we ended up doing a Christmas crafty activity with a friend this afternoon. A pom pom Christmas tree! Don't worry, she was eating banana chips in the picture, not pom poms. :)

5 Responses

Both your winter fairy and Annabelle had me smiling tonight.

Your fairy is magical! Lots of fun again with sweet Annabelle, she’s adorable!

Gorgeous fairy. Love all your winter scenes.
Totally random thought: do you keep your previous years work? How do you store all the canvases you make?

oh my gosh, dance lessons, how adorable. I remember my granddaughter when she was about 3 starting them….she is a hip hop star now (at least around town!!) stick with it Annabelle, you look awesome!
Love your painting Leah, the woman is so regal and the colors just right.

I love your snow fair and Annabelle is just too darling for words in her ballet outfit!


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