Day 2: I love you to the moon and back

November 2nd, 2013

This one is for my Annabelle on the day of her half birthday (she's 2 and a half today!) I say this to her a lot, so I thought this might be something for her future "big girl" room. It's 8"x*8" on canvas. 

Annabelle did her art for the day with lots of big scribbles on a placemat and coaster (and perhaps a bit on the table) while we were at dinner tonight. :-)  

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I love this, Leah! Annabelle’s birthday is close to Samuel’s. On the 6th of November he will be six months from being thirteen. He loves telling me that because I cringe and make a fuss. :~)

I also love the simplicity, beauty and love in today’s painting.

I’m grateful you shared with us today!

Those half year anniversaries are very important to little girls and “big girls.” I remember when I was 11 1/2, I was always insistent on that half year. I’m not sure when it stopped being important, but for now, I know you will enjoy and appreciate Annabelle’s marking of time.

That is a gorgeous painting. I adore the saying, too. It shows how much love you have for her. One of these days (and sooner than you think, probably in the blink of an eye) she’ll be grown up and truly appreciate the sentiment that the words convey.

I love this! Such a beautiful AND meaningful piece.

Love it. Wow, she’s 2 1/2 already!! Time sure flies :) .
Stay inspired!

So beautiful!!!

I love this piece, Leah! So beautiful!!

Leah, this is GORGEOUS!!! I love the colors and BIG moon. She will know for sure how much you love her. How pretty this will be in her room to see each day too.

YAY for her getting some art time too and happy half birthday to her. We love half birthday’s around here too. My son turns 12 a week from today and we’ve been counting down for a month now. He is very excited.

This is wonderful! Happy two and a half birthday to your daughter on a day of a new moon and solar eclipse – so special!

I am enjoying being a part of Art Every Day of the Month. Your art is wonderful and has inspired me to create again every day!

Love the contrast of the purple and black! The tiny trees and quote work together so nicely too.

Just had to comment to say this is beautiful. Even more so for marking a special day for a lovely little girl.

While I’m here, thanks for making AEDM possible. Only 3 days in but it has already spurred me on. I probably do create just about every day, but this way I’m sharing what I create and it makes a difference.

Leah I love this!! Your art sings with soul, just beautiful!

I love your style and the moon is so perfect!

This is just tooooo gorgeous!!!

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