Day 24: Story Time at Sea

November 24th, 2013

This piece was created for a friend's little girl's purple and gray room. This little girl loves books, so I thought I'd have her reading a story in a boat, with a whale listening on. The gold stripes show up in this picture a lot more than they do in real life, where they're much more subtle. It's 12"x12" on panel with acrylic and ink. 

While I was starting this piece, Annabelle was trying really hard to trace her hands, which was super cute. 

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oh, that is such a sweet painting, you could be illustrating children’s books. Love it. And Annabelle, I remember my granddaughter doing that, but I think she was older, so you’re starting young!! so good to know that you are both doing well.

Such a sweet picture! Love the story behind it.

Love the painting and the little girl should be so happy with it.
Annabelle is so cute tracing her hand … a budding artist for sure .

That looks like the cover to a children’s book. Very magical.

What a lucky little girl to get the whale/book/girl painting. So much wonderfulness there!!

And wow, I actually said “awww-hooo hoooooo” when I saw Annabelle, such focus! So glad you are her Mommy and she is your little girl!!

Such a peaceful and beautiful painting, a wonderful gift!

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