Day 8: Shining a Light

November 8th, 2013

Another piece of intuitive art today. Started with paint, let it dry and came back to see this leaning figure and light. Another symbol that I repeat a lot, the lantern, came up again. I kind of like the mystery, not knowing what will come up as I work. 

Annabelle was in fine form today after visiting her dad at his office. She gave everyone in the office an earful and didn't want to leave. Little extrovert! I loved how excited she was to draw when we got home though. She suggested using the ipad app (Drawing Pad, which is fantastic btw.) You can see her concentrating above and showing off her "colorful rainbow" below. 

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Those iPads are great for clean artsy fun and it looks like she had a great time!

I love love love your work, oh my! I am in love with your rich, yet dark, passionate colours and your themes! I may have to try something like this… :)

Your intuitive art is beautiful. Love the rich colors. Your daughter is such a darling.

I like the purple and yellow you added today. I have no idea how you see what you see in those paintings, but if it’s a mystery to you, it’s doubly so for me (grin).

Annabelle was so funny today. Very intense, then rather proud of her sketch. My first (and only) IPad (Drawing Pad app) was an Etch-a-Sketch!!

I love the whimsical look of your lady and how she just appeared for you.. What a beautiful rainbow Annabelle has drawn for us today, such beautiful colours.. Well done..
Sandy :)

Another beautiful painting! I love purple. My favorite color. I also like to work intuitively. That’s how I do my collages. It IS so much more fun to let yourself be surprised by what comes out! You can see how into it Annabelle is while she’s doing any painting or creating. She seems totally absorbed in what she’s doing. I love it! And I love her beautiful rainbow.

Again, I love these pieces. I think annabel will take after you!

Very nice. Your daughter is quite the artist!

Simply gorgeous Leah! Your art is so very inspiring, I love this lantern one, so deep and dark, perfect for this season!

Your painting is lovely, Leah. She is bringing her light to the dark places to illuminate the beauty. Annabelle has developed some intuitive skill, too!

This painting is so mystical!! Love the colors and mystery of it!
Your daughter’s enjoyment of making art just makes me happy! What a sweet girl!!

awesome painting, your intuition is working very well. Annabelle, you are quite the little artist, love the rainbow.

Leah, I just wanted to let you know that the art you are sharing this AEDM is spectacular! Your ladies are really speaking to me; they are so beautiful.

your artwork is exquisite, Leah! and i so enjoy seeing Annabelle’s creations, too!


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