Day 9, Night Bird

November 9th, 2013

Today, I did some experimenting with texture and layering. I like the way the blue pops on the black, some of the skirt, some of the texture in the sky. I feel like I could do more futzing around with this one, I'm not satisfied with it, but I also felt the need to step away, so for now it's done. I may or may not come back to it. 

Annabelle and I finished up her fairy wand today. She loved adding glitter glue to make it sparkle. I added some ribbon and tulle for a bit of extra fun. She turned me into a pumpkin. :)

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but a very talented pumpkin. Does that make her a baby pumpkin?

Annabelle is so cute and I love her wand! I wonder what my boys would turn me into – probably Lego! :)

Ah, your painting is so wonderful! Your use of colour and texture draws me in and I love the contrast of the darks with some rich bright colours. Simply awesome. <3

I also love the way the blue pops out. And what a gorgeous blue it is. Annabelle is adorable!

It’s been so enjoyable to see these photos of you and your little one playing and working in the studio. How fun for both of you! These are the memories she’ll keep. :-)

Beautiful painting, great effects of textures and color here!

wow, lovely painting, I would like to have the imagination to even think of doing something like that. Awesome work.
Annabelle, looks like you had fun turning mom into a pumpkin….did it wear you out??? lol hugs to you both

I really love your figures! How fun that Annabelle turned you into a pumpkin! {smile}


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