Art Every Day Month Day 1

November 1st, 2020

Hooray! It's day one of Art Every Day Month! If you have a link to share, use the Mr. Linky widget below. If not, use the comments to share what you're up to! Remember a few things as you begin this journey. All forms of creativity are welcome! Share your drawing, cooking, sewing, photography, writing, dancing, whatever! If you miss a day, don't let it stop you, just get back to it! And have fun! 

You can sign up for Art Every Day Month anytime right here! If you're sharing on social media use the hashtag #arteverydaymonth2020 to connect! If you're on Facebook, join the Facebook group here as another place to share. Happy creating, everyone!

4 Responses

EXcited to see where this goes.

Hi! I’m feeling inspired by a teensy little embroidery that I made recently, of a 1940s-era kitty homemaker, holding a cake on a tray. She’s stitched, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the piece. I got inspired and picked out fabric scraps today, to begin making a crazy quilt block. The embroidery piece will be the focal point in the block. It may grow into a wall hanging, or larger quilt. Any other sewists out there? :)

I’m trying to get back into painting again and thought I’d try this challenge. I once enjoyed painting in watercolors but haven’t done much in many years. I’ve bought a few supplies and am ready to try my hand again. Today I sketched out a small still life to paint. It’s proving to be quite the challenge, lol! I’ve started over at least 3 times. So much for day one. :o ) I’m happy to to have found this website and look forward to being inspired by everyone’s work.

I think I summed up nicely on my blog what AEDM is and what I like about it. It’s a wonderful way to stay creative and I actually look forward to it.

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