January 13th, 2007

I tried out clayboard this week. I don't have the tools that are meant for this material, which is a black surface that you can scratch into to find white underneath. I used a tiny screw driver to do so on a 5"x7" piece of clay board. I didn't know what I was going to create. I seem to be enjoying this method of creating lately, at times I wish I'd prepared a little more, but I do enjoy the unfolding process of creating something purely intuitively. This piece change a lot along the way. A lot. I was having trouble feeling satisfied with it. It's far from perfect, but it's interesting to me in a satisfying way, so it felt ok to stop. The beginning feeling I started with had to do with the heart, opening the heart. In the end, A rose pendant on her chest acts as the heart opening in the form of a blooming rose.

Also here, I want to post my photo for Poetry Thursday on CaC, which has the theme "Find." At first I wanted to literally find something. But you know how sometimes when you are looking with the intent to find something interesting, nothing comes? Well, this happened to me.

Later in the day, when I kicked off my shoes, I saw my silly kitty socks and smiled. So, if you were to peek beneath my pant cuff on a typical day you would find a goofy pair of socks, often with cats on them. Sometimes, it's the littlest things that keep us smiling. For me, one of those little things happens to be kitty socks. Mew!


I tried to do the getting to know you challenge, started and stopped many times. I enjoyed reading about who others would invite to dinner, but I have the worst time with the dinner challenge wherever it comes up. So, I'm just going to let that go and try again next week.  And tomorrow is the next Creative Challenge. Check in to see and try it out for yourself! 

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i really like this! i wish i knew more about the different mediums there are to experiment with…how does one learn about all of these possibilities?!

hiya ruby! well, one of the ways to explore different mediums is to explore the blog world. i found out about fabric collage that way and i’d love to try it. other ways would be to look for art classes. i’ve taken workshops at colleges, from individuals in the area, and from local community adult education classes (usually not too expensive!) i took a class at the store paper source this summer with my best friend in alternative printmaking. it was just one night and it was so much fun!! the way i found out about clayboard was seeing it in an art supply catalogue (http://dickblick.com). i was curious about it for awhile and then decided to buy some to try it out. i’ve also done this with stamping, painting on glass, and calligraphy. if you see something interesting, get a few supplies and try it out! doing a search on the internet will also turn up huge amounts of info about almost any medium including message boards where people chat about their techniques and favorite materials. there’s so much to play with, it’s endless really! other things i’m excited about trying are soldering, precious metal clay, sewing, and screen printing. there’s much to choose from, so go exploring and play with what you find!

I’ve never heard of clayboard. That looks really cool. And those socks are too cute! What a great find.

i went to the craft store last night and spent $200 on supplies. Thanks for inspiring me.

I think the piece looks great. Ther’s something thought-provoking about it. OH and I love goofy socks!

Love your socks!! I just posted about my resolution to wear fun socks every day!! :)

Dear Leah
what a lovely funny girl you are, you made me smile just reading this post, thankyou darling, and thankyou for leaving me such a lovely message. Sometimes its hard to leave art alone when its finished ~ I always think I’ll just do this or that but I love your clayboard lady and I love the roses in the background. Hugs Jude xx

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