Moon Poem

July 30th, 2007

"Moon Under Water", 8"x8", paper collage and acrylic paint on a cradled wood board.

I had a dream about the moon being underwater. I was playing in an inspiration book I keep near my bed (a combination of magazine images of furnishings and colors and patterns collaged together, words, sketches, etc...) and drew the sketch that became the image above. I was inspired to write a poem about it which seemed fitting as Illustration Friday at the time was "poem" and I think there was an Inspire Me Thursday about the moon (no, I just made that up...the moon was the theme for something...I think. Update: Ok, I'm a nut. It was an IF theme, but this week's IMT theme is open, so there ya go.) Of course, there was the wedding dinosaur and although this painting was started ages ago, it wasn't finished up until today. I can't seem to get on a proper schedule or keep up with much of anything, but ah well. Things are slowly falling into place and I'm finding my rhythm again. It's all good. Here's the poem I wrote in my sketchbook. It makes me smile.

I dreamt last night
that the moon was under water,
not the whole of it,
just half,
as if she was too hot for this summer night
and decided to take a dip.
Finding it bracingly cold
and frighteningly vast in its darkness,
she kept her face dry and safe
above the water line.
But just the legs of the moon
were enough to give the ocean
an ethereal glow
that startled the fish from their slumber
which caused the waves to ripple and dance.
And when the stars moved in
for a better view
the surface lit up like a discoteque
and the air hummed
like a refridgerator late at night.
On a distant shore the waves lapped, lapped
on the rocks
marking the thumping heartbeat
of the skinny dipping moon,
shivering and alive.

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YUMMY! This poem and your painting complete one another. I especially like the vividness of the “ethereal glow” and “the surface lit up like a discoteque”. Thanks for your well-wishes Leah. I’m having a lot of fun so far…

LOVE this poem!


I love the composition and rhythm created by the crescent of the moon, the waves and her curving hair. Really beautiful!

The theme for IF this week is Moon! Last week was Poem. IMT last week was Goddess. :)

Regardless, I like the moon skinny dipping and the jellies.

Hi Leah,
Wow…I really, really like this..and how unique and intriguing..and fun!..the idea of the moon taking a dip to cool off. The poem is perfect…I enjoyed reading it and it fits your artwork marvelously! And your talent never ceases to inspire me and make me smile. I love the colors…everything about it.
: )

(By the way…I’m partial to anything “like the moon”…since that’s the meaning of my daughter’s name.)

Beautifully atmospheric – both the words and the painting.

The Moon Under Water is lovely. The poem is inspiring. I’m tempted to do my own art to go with your poem ( he he ). Thank you Leah, I recieved the Lighthouse in my mailbox today. Happy Mail…I danced!!!! The print is so vibrant. I look forward to finding the perfect frame.


Amazing… poem and image! Love it! You are so very talented. :)

What a masteful fusion of art and words!
The moon underwater = magic and mystery.
Tonight, under the full moon, I want to go swimming and look up through the water as I think of your work.

omg – what an amazing poem – the moon skinny dipping! LOVE IT! If this is crazy, keep it up. Beautiful painting (as always) – so etherial (did I spell that right?). And cool. Very very cool (as in temperature).

What a magical image! And I looove your poem. Thanks for sharing your talents!

Your poem is so moving, and what a lovely piece of art work! By the way, don’t let those wedding plans drive you crazy — everything will fall into place!



the moon


xox – eb.

I love this image. The lines are all curved and there is motion in everything. From my own standpoint, I think this image has pagan connections, as the Moon and water are two prominent themes, and the way you put them together here was inspirational to me. Amazingly beautiful!

very nice work; love the moon poem

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh loooooove this ;-)


love both the art and the poem. very wonderful!

I really love that tree reflecting in the shoulder…that is just too cool. Lovely.

I love this post. Your poem is wonderful. I love the personafication of the Moon. You made the mundane sound so magical with your words. You reminded me we can find magic in the everyday if we just look.

Best poem about moon i ever read..i was searching a moon poem for my son when i came across this n when i explained the meaning of this poem n after seeing the painting my son was so exicited..
He could visualise moon in water..”And when the stars moved in
for a better view
the surface lit up like a discoteque”

These lines are amazing n can u imagine hopw a child feels with such beautiful closeness to nature..

Thanks a ton for such a lovely work
I shall always visit u



ah moon poetry

they are so beautiful!!!!

it’s a realy nice poem :)

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