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September 22nd, 2007

My little brother got married yesterday. Very sweet. Things went wrong as they do (my brother had an infected tooth and couldn't eat), but everything was beautiful and lovely. And now I'm tired and I have another wedding to go to. I'm so wedding-ed out!

My own wedding stuff is kicking in to high gear now. Lots of meetings and such this week to attend to. And I only got asked about five thousand times last night if I'm ready, excited, nervous, etc...I'm definitely ready already. Excited? Well, maybe when it gets a little closer. (Like someone I know who happens to be getting married today (good luck sweetie!) my mother is excited enough for the both of us, plus a million more. oy.) Nervous? Sure, but mostly about little stuff. Anxious, yes, but not too much yet. Oh, I so wish I was cuddled up with my kitties right now instead of putting on a pair of heels. Damn you heels!

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Triple Damn and Vexations to the heels says I!!

Thinking of you and sending the wedding angels over to do your duties and clean up the little messes.


thank you, thank you!
my day was wonderful and yours will be too! it all somehow just comes together and your hard work will pay off. it’s just getting there!

Hope you had a wonderful time at your brother’s wedding! Poor guy to have an infected tooth on his special day–hope it wasn’t too painful or distracting for him.

Your wedding is just around the corner–how wonderful!!!

Yes–that was the same flea market on my blog. Check out my latest posts–I took a ton of pics at Recylcling Retro–did you go to that booth at the flea market? I thought I had died and gone to heaven–it was that great!


How nice. How are your parents doing with 2 of their kids getting married so close?

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