Creative Every Day: September 22nd – September 28th, 2008

September 22nd, 2008

CED2008 participants! Feel free to leave a comment here with a link to post(s) about your creative activities during the week of 9/22/08 - 9/28/08.

Happy creating!

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I started a new sketch blog only using a magnetic sketch pad.

If you want to get to either blog entry just click on Flassie.

I added a photo of the chairs to last weeks entry.
Just click on Flassie to get to it. I put the unpainted
chair next to the painted chair so you get to see the b/4
and after.

I have 2 entries last week. On on following the crowd where I show some journal pages and the other on Trying new things with a collage and a journal page.

I seem to be doing a painting a day, although I am a little afraid of jinxing it, and I am a little afraid of committing to saying that I am going to do a painting a day.

These are the Flying Girl series, and I’ve been doing them for more than a week now, and I think I’m going to try and sell them on etsy. I am afraid of that too.

Ahh…the manadalas of my heart continue to illumine my soul. Creativity…and beauty is so healing; for that I am immense gratitude.

Here’s my “Gratitude-joy” mandala:

I tried my hand at poetry and actually submitted something to a blog I read. I’m finally back at the art table, at last!! Getting creative with life.

I’m on Day 33 of my 100 Days of Sacred Art Project – that’s one-third of the way to the finish line!! Woohoo!! To be honest, I never thought I’d make it this far, but I’m starting to find a rhythm. I’m doing alot of art journal pages right now and playing with photography; also have some other projects cooking that I hope to post this week or next.

I wrote new entries for my blog on life in Paris, as well as on two books, two museums, and the Paris sky; posted new photos on Flickr (; and started working with the small water color case I bought last month (baby steps!).

Leah: my blog isn’t posted in the Creative Every Day 2008 blogroll yet. Do you need something more from me?

I’m working on baby blanket and it should be over soon all it needs now is to get tied up. Today I’m going to get the wool for it. I should finish it today and put it in the shop afterwards. You can see the progress on my blog at
Have a nice day…..Blessings…

Last Tuesday Stephen Quiller gave an art talk & slide presentation at our local art center. After seeing his painting demonstration on Sunday and then this presentation, I have been seeing my world in the Quiller color wheel.
I got a break from some of the mundane projects at home & spent some wonderful hours with my Mom & sisters on the weekend. I helped one sister put together 5 silk flower arrangements for her home.
A couple new blog entries with some of my other pursuits.

I am working on some faux encaustic pieces; larger ones 16″ x 18″; still posting new aceos and photos

It’s more and more about photography for me these days…. the pictures and the words, finding ways to pull it all together. Just bought an ancient typewriter to see what creativity that unleashes. Something about that antiquated, wonky font you can never get with a laptop and printer!

Last weekend I had taken a course with May J. Hvistendahl from Norway. She teaches very well. We all started to make a compleet jacket by felting, but no one wasn’t able to finish the project in the given time. But today I have almost finished my first felted jacket without using the sewing machine! It needs some more work, but as soon as it is what I like I will show the picture at my

This week I wrote about my creative everyday journey.

have been back in the studio and starting to spill paint everywhere…have two canvases and a watercolor going….will be posting the one canvas, a redo of an earlier post “Color Me Sunny Day Sky” painting, now #2 coming right up! Also posted a bit on Hundertwasser, my newest inspiration…check it out, he’s really an inspiration!

I would like to hear about the Stephen Quiller thing?? I love his work and just watched his “watermedia” discs, which are jam-packed with info, in you are interested in that…his use of color is inspired and very informative and free with what he knows…refreshing.

I have been working on a new blog of special interest to me called The Apostles Wives’ Club It allows me to use my other creative talent, writing. However, I had been neglecting my artwork. I needed to get back to my artwork so badly, but I was stuck. I decided to use my paint program with Windows and combine it with my Adobe Photoshop program. YOu can see the results on I don’t know that it is too spectacular, but it has really freed me up and I am starting to create again. I will be using these images I come up with as foundation for future work, or maybe as finished works too.

I’ve been busy making a new set of little villages, these are in a completely new color family…just stepping outside my little box :)

I love to come back and check out the new comments…some wonderful stuff guys!!

I finished knitting a ‘mermaid’ blanket.

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