Peeking into my Sketchbook

October 8th, 2008

I brought a blank sketchbook with me to Hawaii to draw and write in and since I got home I've continued to draw, sketch and doodle in its pages. I like how this one came out (above.) The blue color makes me happy. I'd been waiting to see where all the inspiration I took in in Hawaii would take me and I think I see some of it in these colors.

Mermaidcirculardrawing While I was in Hawaii, I was sitting in a chair and happened to notice the structure a mirror which made me think of a mermaid in this sort of stretch. Now, looking at these two drawings I'm seeing loads of curves. I've always been a fan of curves, but I'm sure the rolls of the ocean, the curved hills and mountains, the shape of fish swimming by, the half-circle of a turtle shell, the roundness of the sun and moon, all the curves, circles and swirls in nature brought that to the forefront of my mind.

I did some sketching on the plane too. I'm not a plane-sleeper, even though we flew first class (our first time doing that and it was lovely!). I have enough trouble falling asleep in a bed, never mind a chair. But I actually love flying, even at night because I love looking out the window, I get a thrill of traveling by air, and I like that time and space where I'm disconnected from the world and I can read and sketch, doodle and write to my heart's content. Here are two pages from my plane sketching below:

I've got some adorable, snuggly kitties next to me at the moment. I love how the cooler weather brings out the extra cute cuddles in them. Life is good and I've much more to share, but I've gotta fly for now!

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Hi Leah !
These sketches are lovely – I especially love the mermaid and her curves. :-)
Stay cozy…

I love your sketches – and I especially love what you wrote about flying. I’m going to keep your words close to me when I travel: “I like that time and space where I’m disconnected from the world and I can read and sketch, doodle and write to my heart’s content.” You make flying sound so beautiful (can you tell I’m not as thrilled with flying as I’d like to be?)

love your sketches!

I am sensing contentment with all your curves and rounded edges. It’s interesting to see how we can express what is going on inside without having to think about it.
I like the fluid curves you create and all the rhythmic patterns that repeat.

Oh, I love those last two especially.

good to see you yesterday :) love the last sketch the mostest xoxo

Lovely curves and colors flowing out from your experience in Hawaii. I hope we’ll be seeing flowers too. Were they still as huge as I remember them being?

Very funky sketches! I believe I can see Hawaiin influences in the first woman with her gold skin and black hair. And the curves, very relaxing. The last two have especially caught me. The bird is lovely. The sketch with the planes quite magical. Love the little planes and the ship, plus the way you’ve filled in the clouds. I’m travelling with her when I look at it.

I always love your sketches… especially love your mermaid ladies.
I’ve been sketching with charcoal pencils.. I’ll have to add those to your CED flickr.
First class is the way to go!! Not like I would know.. but someday.. maybe..!! xo

These are great. I find them very inspirational.

I’m in love with your mermaid! And the images with the birds are fantastic :) I can feel their longer and flight! Amazing!

It sounds as if the creative moments are filling out! Are you getting excited about next month?

I would love to see you turn some of those sketches into paintings. They would be beautiful

Totally unrelated….I’m doing a 29book giveway if you want to keep an eye out for something you might like – after all you got one from my very first giveaway.

Leah, I liked the mermaid sketch the best but I like the last two drawings also.

I love your sketches, it makes me want to sit down and draw. When I see these, I envision you being all calm, relaxed with maybe a little smile on your face. Am I close?

love the sketches so much! you are an incredible inspiration leah!

Yay, thanks for this peek into your sketchbook – I love seeing what you’re working on!

this particular shade of blue is delicious, isn’t it? I love your curvy sketches and am intrigued with the woman onshore with the ship out at sea.

yeah, isn’t it great the way the colors sneak into our lives . . .

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