A Work in Progress – Lantern

November 20th, 2008

I've been drawing an image in my sketchbook of a woman in the woods, a couple different versions this month. Today I was thinking maybe I'd use a 14"x14" wood panel that I'd prepared, but wasn't sure. I still get this moment of hesitation when working with materials that I might find precious, a larger canvas or panel, or an expensive art supply. I was thinking that doing art every day helps lessen that feeling and then I had a funny bit of synchronicity. I had brought in the mail and saw a new Anthropologie catalog. On the last page was a picture of a woman standing in the woods holding a lantern, much like the images I'd been sketching. And the dress she wore was called the Lantern's Glow dress. Well, that does it, I thought! I set to work collaging the panel, here you can see the panel at that stage.


In the afternoon, I began to paint in the image. I'm not done yet, but here it is so far.


I'll work on it more tomorrow. I'll write more about my Soul Coaching journey tomorrow as that's all the energy I've got for computer time at the moment. Toodaloo for now!

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OMG, Leah! This is looking gorgeous already!!! I’ve had a 12″x12″ canvas collaged up for a couple of weeks now but haven’t gotten around to doing much more with it…..maybe your post will inspire me.

love, light and peace,

oooooohhhhh beautiful! i love love love how this one is coming along, i can’t wait to see it completed!!! i must say, i LOVE your style! thank you for sharing!!!

Isn’t it wonderful the way that life sometimes pushes us in the direction we need to go? I do love this piece. I am fascinated by the way you collage the papers first before painting. So cool! I hope they show through enticingly at the final stage :) .

That is going to be one of my faves, I know! Dusty twilight, swirly blues. Gotta love Anthropologie! Their stuff is so inspiring.

Ahhh… aren’t moments of synchronicity like that just the best?? I keep a synchronicity journal just to record such occasions. This painting is so vrey inspiring… I love hearing the story and watching the different steps you go through. Thanks for sharing!

WOW…I love this!
It is so wonderful getting to see part of the process too…amazing!
This is a great piece!

synchronicity is a pretty neat thing too!

Leah, this is so beautiful, and you’re not even finished yet. I love your paintings so much – there’s such a gorgeous ethereal quality to them that just draws me in. I can hardly wait to see this one finished!

Question: You collage the panel before you paint it? Does it give it texture or do you do it for varying colors? I am just curious.

This looks lovely. All your stuff is lovely.

6-7-8, eh? 9 is the number of the Hermit in Tarot.

I like the idea of painting over collage. I like the idea of something underneath, something part of a symbolic structure or (literally, I guess) layers of meaning; it reminds me of certain statues of Divinity (Buddhist, maybe?) which have hollowed-out spaces to hold prayers, or the practice of saving the eyes until last when painting a thangka. Something like that (this is just the germ of an idea).

It looks really wonderful so far. I’m a total sucker for symmetrical compositions.

Another Question: How often do you add new stuff to your Etsy?

It’s nice when life gives us a little confirmation, so we can dive in without hesitation.

I’m not sure the mental check when using something precious or expensive will ever go away. If you have it (I do, too) then you just have to push it aside every time, I think.

You know, in a way your collage work under the painting is like the lines and painting I do before I start the REAL image. It creates a richness and something to react to, to respond to, things to cover up and things to let show through. I don’t know for sure that you’re doing that, but it looks like it in your finished paintings. An all white surface is harder to build up without some kind of head start – before starting the final top painting.

So interesting to see the process from the layout of papers to paint and finished project/painting/collage.

Oh, wow! Love it, too!! & am also intrigued with the process of collage, then paint!! Mmm – gives me inspiration as well :) I also have that relucatance to use supplies that are ‘expensive’ too – at times! Depends on what it is, lol
Look forward to seeing this as it progresses!

Beautiful as usual. I love the collage elements and how you have them peaking through. I hate starting with a white canvas, so I often end up painting the whole thing black to start. Maybe I’ll try collage as a background next time!

I know what you mean with the “precious” materials problem. To combat this, I try to keep a lot of supplies around – the more there is, the more I feel comfortable using. Plus knowing that I’ve already spent money on so many supplies give me a kick in the ass to actually use them, too. :)

love seeing the process of this – how you underpin your paintings. This one is wonderful – love your recurring themes of women and lanterns and trees and birds and how each is so different

I can’t believe it! Another gorgeous creation!!!! Can I come study under you? I’ll get your coffee and do your laundry…..


You have not yet ceased to amaze me. I don’t think that will ever happen.

Love that magick btw. That Universe has been winking at you a lot. Must be cause you’re so beautiful and special and talented and kind!!


That is freakin’ awesome! Love this.

So cool seeing your work in progress. And love that Anthropologie was your muse! :)

I too love (as others have mentioned above me)to see a work in progress, as you have posted today Leah, it’s special! One always admires final works, but to you, the artist, the creator, it’s a chronicling of your path, your steps taken to see the work gel and morph allowing your internal creativity to surge outward and develop into your final masterpiece!! Bravo! :o )

p.s. I just adore the swirlies!!

The colors and texture in this painting is wonderful! I’m looking forward to see the finished version.

That’s the law of attraction for you. I like the picture.

I love this technique of collaging under the paint but I always find the paper curls up when you paint over it. What do you use to glue the collage to the panel Leah? And do you treat it afterwards before painting it?

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