At Sea

November 13th, 2008

Ack! It's dark so early!! I was painting today and totally lost track of time. Isn't that a nice feeling? I believe I've finished up "At Sea" which is about 9"x12" on cradled wood panel with acrylic and ink and now I'm feeling a bit foggy. Time for a break.

For those of you curious about the Soul Coaching book I'm working through with a group, be sure to check out these great audio recordings from the author, Denise Linn. She reads a great meditation at the start of each one and then goes on to do a quick over view of the day's tasks. There was a bit of synchronicity in the meditation for today (day 12) which instructed the listener to imagine looking out over a stormy sea, which is just what I was working on in the painting above. And then outside the sky has been stormy all day. Is there a message in that? I tend to see synchronicities as a sort of wink from the Universe and a gentle affirmation that I'm headed in the right direction.

Hmm, I know there were other things I wanted to share with you today, but I'm at a total loss as to what they were! lol! I've been off in art-land a little too long and my brain has gotten as foggy as my painting. I'm off to have some tea and honey and hopefully wake up.

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That’s OK, just go with the ocean, follow the waves and see the parallels in life.

I love a stormy ocean! Nothing better or more exciting. You make me want to go to Peggy’s Cove this weekend.

LOVE the painting!

Gorgeous! I love the blues.

What a beautiful painting!!!
Are the birds attached to strings?

The painting is so beautiful, serene and peaceful. I feel very still looking at it. I love to get lost in art work…I find stillness when I create.

Another beautiful painting!!!

It’s so awesome to watch your piece take form. Beautiful. And yes, what wonderful synchronicity with the meditation!


Hi Leah,

Oh, this is my favorite yet. It’s glorious! Absolutely glorious!


Your paintings just keep coming, so dreamy and tranquil! I totally see them all as a collection. Cards, journals, etc.

I too love this one. I had thought yesterday it looked rather like a stage set; it does even more today with the birds hanging from the clouds like that.

beautiful magical painting!!! i absolutely adore how it turned out!!! i hope prints of this one will find their way in your shop!!! ;)

So beautiful Leah – love the stormy look – feels like the ocean is trying to talk –
parallels are wonderful…you are right to feel the wink from the universe!!!

I love the dreamy feel to your painting. The sky and the waves are gorgeous!

Leah – I love how the girl in the painting is so graceful and elegant despite the storm, rough seas, and lifelessness around her (the birds on the string). As you said in your post, perhaps it is a reflection of you going through your Soul Coaching program! ~christy
**thanks for the link btw — can’t wait to listen to denise linn

Leah, I checked in with you this morning and this was barely begun and now it’s finished and gorgeous….I love your use of curving lines and the blues….very sensuous and feminine in the best way! Lovely…

Thanks for visiting me too!


Oh wow Leah, the end result of this scene is just beautiful and so alive. One can feel the electricity in the air. Hope the tea and honey cleared the fogginess. Hugs from Desire

beautiful painting, leah!

Oh, Leah, how lovely! I look forward to exploring your site – This is my first visit, from soulcoaching land – blessings

I think this is my new favorite of yours. it’s lovely.

Finding stillness by creating, going with the flow, lovely.

You know how I feel about those magickal happenings. ;)

Your art amazes me! Beeeeeyoutifull!

~Flower Power~

I am getting so impatient… I ordered “Soul Coaching” from Amazon when I found the link to the blog on Nov. 1st and have since requested a hold for it at the library and I’m still waiting… I figure that the Universe will give it to me at the right time but I am getting so jealous that I can’t participate with everyone NOW! So that’s my rant for the morning ;-) On a positive note, reading you write about what a great process it is, is getting me excited. ~Sara

What a lovely painting Leah! At first glance I saw the young woman as a “figurehead” one often sees adorning the bow of a ship. I love your soft, rounded waves, smoother sailings :o )

WOW, Leah….I think your nickname should be ‘turbo-brush’ because you are creating such beautiful art in relatively short time. I have to say that I think this painting has to be a favourite of mine so far. I love everything about it…especially the dreamy flow of her dress and hair.

I too have noticed signs with ‘water’ week also. My dishwasher has been on the blink so I’ve had a lot more time at the sink. ;) The dishwasher is fixed now as water week nears the end. Also, we are in drought and haven’t had rain for so long that the lawn was like straw….at the start of water week, we had a huge storm with lots of rain and it has rained, on and off, all week. The lawn is now green again.

love, light and peace,

As far as the “ack” attack with photography this time of year, I hear ya loud and clear! I always throw my art outside to get good shots but not so much now…hmmm we should investigate how others handle this!!!

HOWEVER, this is still very beautiful! Love the “stiped” waves and the birds on strings. A very dreamy painting, great job!

Oh, Leah! this is so lovely!! Inspiring :) I played the harp Sat evening, so that was my main ‘creation,’ also posted a picture I took today of my Blue Star Lady . . . fiber art piece I did several years ago; I love her!

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