December 10th, 2008

The lovely and incredibly sweet, Jenn has tagged me for a meme that asks what 5 things you do to stay mentally healthy. This is certainly a great thing to think about, especially during these darker days of winter and the stress that can come up for many around the holidays.

Here are my top five things to do every day (or every week) to stay mentally healthy:

  1. Creative Expression: Clearly this is an important one for me, as you can see by the projects I run here and the title of my blog! Daily creativity, in whatever form it takes (dancing, painting, collaging, writing, cooking, crafting, photographing doodling) is such an important part of my life. It helps ground me, helps me release the internal backlog, and helps me be a better person.
  2. Snuggle: I am especially fond of my 4 kitty cats and I get daily love from them in the form of face pushes, cat massage sessions, and sweet purrs that warm my soul. And at night, the hubster and I happily share a full-size bed where we (and usually at least one cat) can be found snuggling up. :-)
  3. Laughter: Laughing is so important to mental health. The hubster has a great talent for making me (and everyone around him laugh), I also love listening to comedy on the radio, and watching shows like 30 Rock and the Office to give me a good, hearty laugh. My laugh is ridiculously loud and people can usually find me in a crowd because of it. :-)
  4. Scent: I love showering with a good-smelling shampoo. I also love the smell of cocoa in the winter, of chicken noodle soup, candles, pomegranate lip balm, a home-cooked meal, lemon dish washing soap, etc...I think good smells can lift you up. It's a small, simple thing that's a part of my everyday life that I notice and love.
  5. Movement: Some kind of movement or exercise is important for my mental health. I've fallen out of doing daily yoga, but want to get back to that as soon as possible. But even if I'm not on a regular exercise regimen, I keep moving through doing chores around the house, moving and dancing while I create, taking walks with my ipod, and chasing the hubster around the apartment. :-)

How bout you? What are your five a day?

I'm not always great at tagging or at responding to tags, so if I tag you, feel free to do it or ignore it. And if I don't tag you and you'd like to do it, by all means, go for it!

I'll tag:
1. Judean (who made the coolest wreath ever out of ribbon spools!!)
2. Tammy Vitale
3. Elena
4. Jul
5. Jim

Today, after running around to the post office, other little errands, and packaging up things to send out, I spent the late afternoon playing with tempera paint and charcoal on drawing paper just to play with some internal questions and see what might come up intuitively. I'm still working on them and may or may not share images here when I'm done. It's good to play with no end product in mind from time to time and I enjoyed the process. I played some good tunes in the background and let paint drip and pour. I smushed it around with brushes, sponges and spatulas and looked to see what came through in the colors. I brought out bits of what I saw with a stick of charcoal. It felt good. And then the hubster came home and I washed my hands so we could share a yummy dinner. All in all, a good day. Hope yours was a beauty!

p.s. My calendars are all sold out! Thanks so much! I'll be sure to print more next year and to get them ready a little earlier too. If you're looking for some gifts, I still have my free shipping offer going on at my art website through December 15th! All you need to do is enter holiday08 in the coupon section at checkout.

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oooh, 5 things? I liked your answers, so can I just say “ditto”? teehee…glad to hear you’re feeling better!

Congratulations on selling all of your calendars and so quickly!

I think the only thing I would add to your list is blog daily to connect with others who share my love for creating and expressing it.

Have a splendid day!

HOORAY!!!!! Congrats on all your sales!!!!!

~Big sky~

oooh….ok…it will be a day or three before I get to this. =] Thanks for thinking of me! And I like yours, although I can’t say I do those every day or ever often enough (although snuggling got caught up in the Poconos these past few days)….

Congrats on selling all your calendars, Leah! I love what you said about playing without a product in mind. That is so much fun. Also your list of 5 things was really good. Hah! you reminded me of a good friend who’s moved away. I could hear her coming a block away from her LOUD, develish sounding laughter.

oh what a great post!
let’s see my 5 things i do everyday to stay happy are
1. to create, look at or enjoy art in some way everyday.
2. exercise
3. drink coffee :)
4. deliberately appreciate at least one thing in my world.
5. play with my pug, emmitt

this was a great way to start my day. i am so glad i found your blog!


Thanks for the tag love! I will post it on Saturday!

Thank you, Leah. This is a good one, and I’ve been thinking about this VERY thing lately. I’ll post soon. :)

Great Post. I can’t stand this time of year cause of the short days. This brighten my day. THANK YOU!

These intuitive drawings are lovely. And very powerful. I would love to be a part of Creative Every Day 2009. I love the idea behind this and I think, with a little warning, (like the 2 weeks and a few days now) I can pull myself together for it.

Leah – the calendar came today – it’s SO beautiful, & the little ‘blessing’ of art on my BD is so fun :) THANK YOU – I’m so glad I ordered when I did!! I usually get myself a ’special’ calender that I can truely enjoy all year long; it’s fun to have yours!
I love your list – I love all those things too (just a dog for the snuggles – no hubby :) . . .

Thanks for sharing your great 5-a-day list. I’m going to borrow some! I just used a lavender salt scrub this morning and it smelled fab! Congrats on selling out on your calendars. I’m so glad I snatched mine up :)

Thanks for the tag! I played along here: http://artzurika.blogspot.com/2008/12/5-things.html

Congrats on all your sales!

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