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December 9th, 2008


My creativity over the past few days has centered on preparing calendars and some prints to ship off. You can see two of the large framed prints above. I've had fun personalizing the calendars with birthday art! I'm nearly out of calendars, so if you want one, now would be the time to scoop it up!

I'm feeling loads better than a couple days ago. Still feeling wiped out and moving a little slowwwwwly, but then again, I always feel like I move a little slowly, so maybe I'm just extra slow. Ahem...Yesterday, I tried out a new commenting system that Typepad (Typepad Connect) is offering and then promptly took it down. It's a cool idea that allows you to have threads (comment responses) in your comment section, but the email notification system they have at the moment doesn't work for me. I like receiving comments by email that allow me to respond to the commenter directly and this new system doesn't allow that. Phooey. Oh well. Perhaps in a future version that will be an option.

I've got some fun links for you, so let's get to the sharing:

  • We had our first snowfall over the weekend. It didn't last, but I'm sure we'll have more soon enough. If you're feeling like bringing a little snow into your life, how about making some snowflakes? Tammy sent me a link to a virtual snowflake making site. So fun! Karen has made some amazing paper snowflakes (I love the one with bees!) and over at MayaMade, there is a great newspaper snowflake garland tutuorial. 
  • This Creative Goddess E-course with Leonie sounds like so much fun. I love her sparkly energy!
  • Melissa's adorable kittens are getting bigger and cuter every day. I just want to cuddle em' up.
  • Jennlui is doing a great new weekly challenge called Mantra Mondays. I love the mantra cards she makes! 
  • In January, Jamie is leading another online book group, this time with Gail McMeekin's book, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women. I have read this book a few times already, but I'm planning to read along with Jamie's group too! 
  • I've been loving Martha Beck's recent blog posts. They start here. Something about her writing just rings true for me in a deep, authentic way. I can see that she might not be for everyone, but who is? Me? I love her. 
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Tuttle a couple summers ago at a little art party in Maine. She's such a sweetheart and so creative! She recently authored a book, Exhibition 36: Mixed Media Demonstrations + Explorations that looks fabulous and she's giving away a copy of the book on her blog, here

O.k., that's it from me for the moment. I recently got called out for being a bit of a night owl. It's true! But I'm trying to get to bed a decent hour, so that I'll hopefully get back to full health quicker. Hope you're all staying warm and healthy!

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Isn’t that snowflake making site the best?!? I’m amazed at what some people are coming up with. I’m not as coordinated with my mouse, but it still came out pretty.

Hola Goddess Leah~

Thanks so much for the link and the beautiful comment, sista!

Rock on with your gorgeous, creating, precious self.

Brightest joyful blessings,

I’ll see you at The Next Chapter weekly book blogging in January! Thanks for all of the cool links. What great news that your calendars are getting snatched up. I’m not surprised, your art is lovely. Take care of yourself! {a lesson I need to remind myself}

Hi Leah…long time no comment but I have been enjoying your gorgeous AEDM works. Your calendar looks great too…you have been a buzzy girl. Thanks for the link, so funny to see a link to me…a fun surprise. Snowflakes are very obsessive and thanks alot because that virtual snowflake cutting is a hoot and I really have to focus on things other than the computer right now. hee hee! Hope you are feeling better, I have been dragging my bee-hind since turkey day and am now coming to and saying…wow where did all the time go. Ok, I could type all day now that I am here but better go bee creative! xo!

hi leah, i always find the coolest stuff on your blog! signed up for that goddess course and the post you linked to from martha beck’s blog definitely resonated with me — yay! a new subscription for my reader :) . thanks so much for sharing.

OH! I did the very same thing with Typepad Connect. I installed it, and practically had a melt down when I realized what I was losing in the process. A long email filled with feedback later, I uninstalled it and am back to normal. I hope they work out the kinks.

leah, thank you for the links…I read ms. beck and loved her! I am also doing the creative secrets book blog in january….hoping to become better acquainted and learn a thing or two in the process….I so enjoyed the aedm challenge and am looking forward to participating in the book group online, something I have never done before….and a wonderful book, I can’t wait!!!

oh yay!!! thanks so much for mentioning my new mantra mondays!!! it’s been really fun creating my affirmation cards and sharing them, i look forward to many (many) more!!!

and thank you for the paper snowflake link, i haven’t made those in years and am totally inspired!!! how fun!!!

have a beautiful evening
peace and many blessings

SO glad you are feeling better :) Thank you for the links. YAY! More exploration of uncharted territory for me. :)

YAY Kitten Love! Yes, they are getting big. I remember when they were smaller than the palm of my hand. And now they’re huge. I’m going to miss their tiny’ness.

~Purr purr purr~

Love the light carrying woman, Leah. It is like seeing it for the very 1st time again – if I am thinking of the right one. Love the rich colors of it.

Leah! I matted, framed, and placed your print in my office late last week (haven’t had time to snap a photo of it to show you) and I framed it very much like your framed version of it here. My mat isn’t quite as bright, I think, but otherwise…

We’ve had quite the rough week or so here – so I haven’t been commenting much…

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