Sketchbooks and Intuitive Drawing

December 11th, 2008


These are images from a sketchbook I'm working in as part of a sketchbook swap. I've been using the pages as a way to simply play and just draw intuitively. In the image above, I started by drawing circles because that's what I felt like drawing and then this is what came. I may make a little painting out of this idea at some point. It kind of cracks me up. I did this drawing last night and the one below I did sometime last week.


This drawing was created intuitively too. Again, I began with circles that became trees that became a face that spoke in creatures. The thing about creating intuitively is that things come that I probably wouldn't have come up with if I sat down and said, o.k., what am I going to draw here?

That's what's great about having sketchbooks handy. They're great for both ideas that pop into our head and for just drawing to see what ideas will come when we put pen to paper.

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I love working intuitively – it really makes it an adventure. The trick for me is to get in a relaxed state {the zone} so I don’t inhibit the intuitive process.

i love this post. your drawings are magical. i love intuitive work.
very inspiring. i need to make some time to do this today.
:) melissa

Leah…just fabulous! I agree with the other folks here…very whimsical! Your drawings make me breath easier! Especially here of late, it’s so nice to come here and see your work! Thank you!
Have a great night!
Ciao Bella

You are so talented, you make me want to dance with a pen on paper. :)

You are so talented, you make me want to dance with a pen on paper. :)

You are so talented, you make me want to dance with a pen on paper. :)

You are so talented, you make me want to dance with a pen on paper. :)

Love these!

Love these!

Oh great stuff, and I agree – working intuitively is such fun :)

I love working intuitively too. I like both of these drawings, but the tree woman speaking in animals is my favorite. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. :)

Those trees are the coolest!

~You make beautiful things~

Leah, i am stunned. These drawings are soo gorgeous! I feel totally inspired looking at your beautiful work here. I just adore the simple beauty of your tree face. I feel i need to try something along those lines myself now. So beautiful!

Love this share, it’s been awhile since I’ve dug out my sketch-book…I’ll have to do that more.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Trees speaking in animals – that’s a wonderful thought and beautifully done!

Hi Leah,
Just letting you know I would love to join in your Creative Every Day activities for the new year. I really enjoyed the AEDM – made me try new things. Will try and put your logo on my web page when I have more time.
Love the drawing – free drawing is lots of fun.

I enjoy reading about your creative process, Leah. I have started to paint/draw more by intuition lately and am lovin’ it….it’s freeing to NOT have a preconceived idea in my mind of what the outcome will be.

Love your drawings ~

OH NO! I can’t believe that I missed that you had calendars – UGH -

I loved this post – I have such art block – I think intuitive drawing is such a good idea – it takes away so much of the pressure – I’m excited to give it a try!!


Leah~ I am curious whether you have a specific process for these intuitive drawings? I love trying out new methods. Please let me know :) ~Sara

What fun these drawings are! I can’t wait to see how they become. I want to be creative everyday and I think your blog is a great way to keep me on track! I am crazy inspired by you.
Enjoy the day!

I love this post and I love your drawings.
I use my art journal to work intuitively with collage and I just love it! I haven’t painted or drawn much that way – maybe that is coming!

i love this!

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