December 16th, 2008

The time leading up to Christmas tends to put me a little on edge. There are things that I love (the lights, cocoa, cookies, giving special gifts, quality time with family, decorating the tree), but there's a bit of stress in there that wipes me out. I do my best to stay healthy and upbeat. We've all got to remember how important self-care is during all the craziness!

Fortunately, this image that the hubster put together for our holiday cards is just the sort of thing to brighten my mood. Hehe. I used double stick tape to put this picture on our holiday cards. Last night, the hubster and I put them together, wrote out the addresses on envelopes, and messages inside, while listening to cheesey holiday tunes, and then I sent them off today. I'd love to send one out to all you, so consider this your holiday card from me, the hubster, and our four kitties.


The hubster and I were both raised by parents of different religions, so we incorporated a Jewish yarmulke on one of the kitties, so our Jewish relatives wouldn't feel left out by the Rudolf theme. I think he did a phenomenal job. Hopefully all our relatives will find it funny. Heh. We sent out a few non-picture cards to family members who are a little more old-fashioned just in case. Ha! I'm laughing again, looking at it!

Ahem, anyways, I'm getting very excited for Creative Every Day 2009. I'll be letting you in on the theme for January very soon. In the meantime, happy holidays to you and yours!

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I’m loving your card, Leah! I think your hubby did a fantastic job. Happy holidays to you too!

I’m looking forward to Creative Every Day 2009!!

OMG this is toooo cute! What fun. Happy Holidays to you and your family :)

That is adorable.

I’m looking forward to starting Creative Everyday for 2009!

Wow. I just realized how impossible CED 2008 would have seemed last year. I have come a really long way back to my creativity. In part, thanks to you and this community. :)

The kind of xmas card people remember years down the road. Fun stuff…

Also… it is kinda nice to see what you look like. Put a face to the inspiration!

Har! That’s the best holiday card I’ve seen in a while! Love.It.

i love the card…i guess you’re not the only artist in the family :-) wishing you a divine holiday season full of smiles, laughter, creativity and very little stress!! can’t wait to hear what you have in store for 2009.

What a fabulous card – you all look great in it too!

Hope your days are filled with cocoa ;-)

This card so cool…thanks for sharing!!!

Fabulous card and well done!

A great holiday card !

This is very cute. I like how you included you kitty babies. You guys did a great job on the card. Merry Christmas!

CUTE CARD, very funny! MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Holidaze! It sure IS a stressful if fun time!

My internet was down and I wasn’t able to post the CED links to my first post or the CED stuff I did yesterday! (Off to a bad start!) I painted some new pictures for gift cards yesterday. And made a BUNCH of cards. Well, I’ll talk about it more later on the widget thing. I hope I have time to post–at least I’m BEING Creative (if busy!)

Enjoy your holidays, cool card!

Merry Christmas to you! I LOVE your card design. I don’t think I could get DH to cooperate with such a project, but I have imagined something similar.

Thank you! I´ll be printing it and putting it on my fireplace. :)

And as a Thank you note for all your loveliness, I´m giving you the Friends award. :)


holi-daze…how appropriate. I was gonna post today and lo typepad won’t let me in. I have time today. I have pictures, etc. Anywayz…daze is perfect. LOVE the photo…your kitties make me smile and make me think I should do something with my pugs since we all know how cute pugs are. Esp Gracie with her funny eye. OH!!!!! got my calendar and IT IS AWESOME!!!! I am so totally in love with it. Can’t wait to have your pictures gracing every day next year – sure to make me smile (since I am just thinking about it). hugs

Love the card – makes me feel bad as I am only sending out bought ones.
I am looking forward to the Creative Everyday Challenges for next year.
Don’t know if I have said I am joining in or not – http://emma-outback.blogspot.com
Will be where you can find my Creative Everyday Challenges for 2009.
My Creativeness Photo for Monday the 15th and My Creativeness Drawing for Wednesday the 17th of Decmeber can be found on my blog – Emma Outback
Happy Christmas

heheh, that’s awesome!! there better be one in my mailbox soon ;)

I love the kittie in the yarmulke. Brilliant! (does that kitty do like the rest of us from ‘the tribe’ and go out for chinese food on the 25th?) :)

Happy days to you Ms. Leah.


the no-socks-with-loafers-and-bare legs is a fashion risk, even for an elf.


happy holidays to you!

That is, hands down, the bestest card I have ever seen. I would frame that and keep it up all year!

Hubster, you are as cool and creative as your lil wifey! Fantastic job!!!! Hi kitties!

This is one I am showing my hubster and daughter when they get home. Thanks for the giggle!

~Christmas Cookies~

Oh and also, that’s one clever way to get all the kitties in one holiday picture. You probably have the same problem we have….they just won’t stay.

We had trouble doing 2…we didn’t even try 4, now we have 10. It’s just not going to happen in real life.


What a deliciously whimsical and fun card! I love the kitties and your faces on the elves! It’s making me giggle uncontrollably!

I just got your calendar today! Thank you!!! I LOVE it! And I love the card you enclosed. I am so grateful to have your wonderful art :)

You have some adorable kitties! Great picture for a card!

Love the card! You have a phenomenal sense of humor. Thanks for the card and I’m looking forward to starting Creative Everyday 2009.

This gave me a good chuckle! I love the card!

That is a wonderfully hilarious card! Love it! Wish I was on your card list!

OH, what a fun holiday card! Thanks, Leah!

Love the card! Happy holidays to you, too!

My daughters are being raised by parents of different religions. Needless to say my whole family LOVES this card, (the cats, however, are not so keen on wearing antlers or yarmulkes!) Happy New Year!!

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