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December 14th, 2008


I just had the notebook pages I sent in as part of the Do Not Leave Unattended project posted on their blog. The project involves a series of notebooks that are sent out to the locations of participants all over the world who write, draw, or create whatever they like in some of the pages before passing it on. The first page I did is above. On the left is the pink paper that came in the book. On the right is an image I drew in ink on a vintage journal page that I then pasted into the notebook. I had the idea to octopus umbrellas. Cool looking, but not very practical. Here are the other pages I did:


On the last page spread, it's a bit hard to see, but there's a tree in silver ink coming out of the woman's mouth. The silhouette is cut from blue paper that I glued onto the page. It was fun making these pages. And I love the idea of them traveling all over. I sent the journal to Ontario, Canada next and from there who knows will it will go!

Tonight, I listened in on Ananda Leeke's monthly radio program, Go Green Sangha. This month's program was all about transforming your life, career and home into a sacred green space. And one of my favorite people, creative musepreneur, Jennifer Lee, was one of the guests on the call! You can listen to the show in its entirety here. I was trying to listen in, but got in a little late because of some technical difficulties (you can normally listen to the show live online through a chatroom, but that wasn't working tonight.) But I did call in later and ask a question of the panel which was, "Are you doing anything new or different in the coming year to create sacred space in your home?" I loved the answers I got too! If you have an answer to the question, I'd love to hear it in the comments! Oh! And I almost forgot to mention that I'm going to be a guest on Ananda's show next month. I hope you'll join in!

I have another fun link to share with you tonight, a newly discovered blog called Treasures Found :: Inspiration is Every Where. The author of this blog, Erin, let me know that she featured my blog recently in her "Check it Out" portion of her latest blog post which was all about the art of making mistakes. As Erin notes, so-called "mistakes" can lead to beautiful things!

We had a pretty mellow weekend here. Well, except for the Christmas shopping attempt which was a bit hairy. Heh. Overall, I've been a bit lazy, but that's just fine with me. I'm a very lucky girl because the hubster made the most fantastic minestrone soup for dinner tonight. Yum! Hope your weekend was a wonderful one!

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Thanks for the shout out Leah! My sole goal with my blog was to inspire creativity. So it was with great excitement that I stumbled on your blog! I cannot wait to find out more about your muse and the talent people who come here to play with you. Enjoy the day!

Thanks for the shout out Leah! My sole goal with my blog was to inspire creativity. So it was with great excitement that I stumbled on your blog! I cannot wait to find out more about your muse and the talented people who come here to play with you. Enjoy the day!

By the way…I see you are reading about Dr Suess…those are certainly truffula trees of some species!
Erin :-}

LOVE the journal pages – and the project, what a cool idea! I’ve been away from blogland for nearly a week while my daughter’s ballet performed the Nutcracker and I, of course, am the ballet mom. I’m back in the studio this morning and your blog is an inspiration!!!

These pages are wonderful! Thank you for ALL your inspiration and great ideas.

Oh wow. Some of your work with trees lately in sketching has been stunning. The bottom journal page is fabulous! I really like the ethereal colours of the tree, i bet it is really nice with the silver in person.

Hey Leah! I miss touching base with you and everyone since November’s Create Everyday Challenge!

Your beautiful notebook pages had me curious and I checked out the Do Not Leave Unattended website and I signed up! I love projects like this!

I also want to order your calendar…let me know where I need to go to do so!

Hope your holiday season is going well!


Gorgeous journal pages, and I love the journal sharing idea! Kind of sister/brotherhood of the traveling journal :)

always love your art, especially your images of women and so , that’s my favorite one although they are all wonderful…I will definitely listen into your interview on ananda’s thing , if I can get it to work, a continuing problem….and send me some soup, stomach flu and it sounds great…maybe I can get my dh to make me some, hmmmmm…

blessings to you for the holiday upcoming…relax and enjoy…

Your pages are terrific, Leah! I love the silhouette of the women especially! I’m so glad you posted these pages, they’re just beautiful!

I like them too, Leah.

Next year (but I’m starting Thursday) I am going to totally declutter my house and get rid of anything that is ready to go and bless someone else—anything that does not reflect who we are now and that doesn’t make our hearts sing!

Peace and love,


How fun these are!

I clicked on the “art” link and scrolled through many of the pictures and WOW they were GREAT! I loved them!

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