Cup of Cocoa with the Blahs

February 17th, 2009

you are so loved
you are so loved, mixed media on watercolor paper

I created this piece intuitively, just let it flow out of me. The trees and roots, houses and circles, continue to appear. I was inspired by Jessica's Pecannoot project to add this message to it, "you are so loved." It seemed to fit. I think the art came from the place of the blahs I've been feeling the past few days, while I've also been ruminating on self-love and self-care.

So, yes, the blahs have been making me feel a bit heavy, slow, and sleepy, but I know it will pass. Well, as much as I know that the blahs come and go, sometimes it's harder to know they're going to pass when you're in the middle of them, so it's been a draggy few days.

In the meantime, I've been trying, with varied success, to treat myself kindly and do what usually helps me resurface. I exercised, snuggled my cats, took a nap, and made some art. The grays still linger, and even though they seem to be detaching their tendrils from around my ankles, I have decided that instead of getting impatient and fighting them (and beating myself up for not getting over them quicker), I'm going to invite my grays for a cup of cocoa and just slow down a bit.

Slow Down and Baby-Step It

Things do not need to get done all at once (in fact, that's the quickest train to make-yourself-crazy-town.) If you're feeling a bit slow (which is quite common in the month of February), let it be o.k. to slow down. You can still make progress, while being gentle and taking baby steps.

Perhaps you want to make more art. So, today, you could just take out your supplies and get them ready or you could make one big scribble across the page. You could try doing 5 seconds of art (hee! That could be interesting!), 5 minutes of writing, or 30 seconds of doodling. Great satisfaction can come from taking a step forward, no matter how tiny.

SARK calls baby steps "micromovements" and she claims to have written all her books this way, in just 5 minute increments! That totally blows my mind considering how prolific she has been. You can download a Micromovements worksheet from SARK here. And you can listen to SARK talk about her writing practice on this wonderful Craftcast podcast. Good stuff. Truly.

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Well blah no more girl…looky looky what you have here! A brandy new web design/site/blog thing. did someone say brandy? wait, do I like brandy? Can you mix brandy with hot cocoa?

This is a gorgeous flow of creativity, at least even when you are blah you get the blues perfect!

So, was just talking to a friend today who said to me everyone she knows is having this blah, crappy feeling or bad luck. I have been taking naps every day and Sunday took a 4 hour one and felt great afterwards! I do know I am fighting off something but if a md did not tell me that I would have chalked it up to the blahs as well!

here’s a hug for your blahs…I’m gonna go make myself some cocoa–cheers

Leah, I love it! That blue is gorgeous, and I love the sentiment. WOW, I’m blown away. :) Just beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your ‘down’ times! I feel that it is so important to share this as a normal part of the creative process…artists are only human, and it’s not all ’skipping through warm pastures and beautiful sunsets!’

Your blues evolved into a lovely piece! So good that you are bringing some color into your days, no matter how gray. I too find February challenging and gray for many reasons. Thank you as always for bringing together CED 2009.

Love the new site. Congrats on a smooth transition. I cant imagine it was easy.

Thanks for the reminder to take it slow and go easy on myself.

This is so lovely. I really like the blue and *soft* atmosphere(sp?) in it.

wow, I didn’t know that about sark and we have a bunch of her books around here (my daughter loves her and got me started on her)! february is my official blah month so I take lots of baths and dream about what I want to plant and draw pictures of the beds, etc….somedays I don’t even get out of bed and that has to be OK with me! it has taken me time to get to this place of acceptance but finally I can say, ,it IS ok….although I must also say, I wish it were not sometimes so…


leah, I meant to tell you the last comment I made, how much I like the way you have those little tags on strings that link to things…it’s very cute! I love the look of your new website.

Februarys are loooooonnnnnng months. But this all reminded me of February 07 when I was doing creative days for Just Be Connected…for those who want to really pamper check back on “Creative Bathing”

and enjoy!

Love your Blues. Maybe I need to get out my paints again and my letter stamps… Hmmmm?

I too have been feeling a bit down lately, not quite sure what it is, I’ve been a bit sluggish and slow. So thank you for this post and reminding me it’s ok to go slow sometimes. I don’t feel quite so bad for not having done anything other than browse through others creative efforts on Flickr yesterday. Flick’r great for inspiration, but really eats up the time you intended for creativity!

Hopefully I will get to do something today, however small. Love yours, it’s great to remember “You are loved” :)

Love the new site, and the painting is wonderful. In photography class we were always told “don’t shoot a picture with a tree growing out of someone’s head” yet, in this painting it just works. I love it.

I love this post Leah ! Your you are loved piece is blue moody perfection.

About Permission to Go Slow : Funny how sometimes when I give myself permission for something, I feel so resistant but when someone else I respect gives me permission, I feel so much better doing the act !!! What’s cool is that you, Sark and I have all given me permission to go slow and make micromovements all on the same day ! I think that means I got the all clear from the universe to go slow. Yay !

Here’s to going slow to go fast …

I really love the new look here!! Your new painting is beautiful. I love the groundingness of the deep dark blue color and the way the branches-hair-roots connection. Roots are connective to the earth, while hair is like an antennae to the ethers…like a double connection (a 2-way radio…earth talking to sky and vice versa). The “You are so loved” message is a wonderful seal to the whole thing because it does seem like a message from the Universe.

Sark rules! I’ve got 5 of her books – all wonderful, especially when one’s got the blah’s. Thanks for the link to the micromovements worksheets! I’m working my way out of the blahs seems like molasses slow, but the good thing is the momentum seems to be a steady upwards one.

Blessed Be!

Sorry that you’ve been feeling low but, WOW, what a creative way to deal with them. Your painting is beautiful!

i so love your many many shades of blues,
like the whale jumping throught the water makes the change of hue!
thank you, sonja

I also see lots of bubbles and circles, that’s fun! I love this painting Leah, with her hair being the roots and the evening feel to it.. and the words; so needed and healthy to hear! :-)

Wonderful painting, Leah. And, you did a great job with your new site! Hope your blah’s have taken a hike, and thanks for sharing so much wealth of information on your blog.

Ah Yes…the Blah’s…as a moody gal I can face the blah’s anytime of the year but the cold damp months are definatly the worst. I am the master of baby steps…yesterday I painted the base coat on the faces of a fish and a fairy…glued a critter to his new podium…collaged the teeth on a portrait…and made one granny square!
All of these steps moved me a little further to completion and I felt like I had accomplished something.
BTW I am really enjoying “12 Secrets”…I decided to read it from your recommendation.

Oh Leah, the site looks fabulous!! I have to confess that I have fallen way behind in my blog reading, due in part to a case of the blahs myself, but I saw your image on flickr, came here and WOW!! Your beautiful new look and this post have lifted my spirits, I think I will baby step my way downstairs for a cup of cocoa now. Thank you! I hope you are feeling better too.

What a coincidence :) We wrote about this same thing on the same day. Slowing down, and being gentle. I’m going to check out Sark’s resources, thanks. Your painting is beautiful, Leah. I love that deep blue.

What is it about February??? and what comfort in a cup of hot chocolate or tea and knowing we are not alone in our blahs! I just did a blue piece yesterday while I watched more snow outside my window! Well, we are all recharging and what an impact we will have on the world come spring-and it will come. Love your new look! CW

Just what I needed to read-it is ok to slow down-and the micromovements is so perfect.

Thanks so much

Great piece – love those little houses! And I think the new blog design was worth the money – beautiful work using your images.

Beautiful piece! Your such
a great artist and writer!

Thanks for stopping by.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

This is so pretty— I love the colors in this, simply gorgeous.

I’ve missed coming here. I had kept adding things to my blogroll and my favorites ended up at the bottom of the page.. Moved them up again so I see them.

dear Leah, i love your words and art! Thank you for talking about micromovements too.
So important. Sending you succulent moments~

Another vibrant blue beauty! Maybe your word for 2009 should of been BLUE. :)

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