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February 5th, 2009

Caroline from Caro's Lines posted a link to this neat site where you can spell words with flickr photos. How fun! I used it to spell out my word for 2009:

letter L E30 A p-sf2

Caroline also linked to a great challenge for all you shutterbugs out there. I think it's also another fun way to play with words and creativity! The One Word Project is being put on by the Shutter Sisters blog. Once a month, participants will be given one word to use as the inspiration for a photograph (which you can then post to the group on flickr.) For February, participants are invited to choose their own word. Very cool, eh?

L11 A25 Mobile 013109 085 G9 h-ca2

And now for something completely different...Another way to have good creative fun with words is certainly in a good joke. And I love to laugh. Despite my short stature (I'm 5 feet and a half inch), my laugh is outrageously loud. :-)

Today, a link from A Cup of Jo brought me to this ridiculously funny site, Old Jews Telling Jokes, which I noticed was designed by fellow Creative Every Day Challenge participant, Leah from! The Old Jews Telling Jokes site is hilarious (warning, the jokes are all dirty!) perhaps because it reminds me of my joke-loving dad (who is just old enough to qualify for an "old" Jew according to this site...I don't think he'd appreciate that) my dad's brother, and a little bit of the hubster's grandmother (the hubster and I both have one Jewish parent.) I particularly like the joke from the website owner's mom.

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very fun! i am still working on using words gracefully in my art- this is a good place to start:)

Glad you liked the flickr word site and the challenge – I love the letters you’ve got for LEAP and LAUGH!

Leah, I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for all the kickin’ cool links you share.

You are one happenin’ chickie. Big and very ‘kitty cozy’ HUGS!


Love the word “play” – but I’m going to comment on the five feet and 1/2 inch…because Daughter is the shortest in our family at 5 feet 4 and 1/2 inches and you better not forget that half inch. So it’s funny you do the same thing! Thanks as always for your great links!

That’s for the site….I’ve always loved this look. I should be posting my “Word” art in the next couple of days.

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