What’s Inspiring You Lately?

September 3rd, 2009

Yes, I'm curious. What's inspiring you at the moment? Are there any books or tunes or artists that are lighting your inner fire?

I'm constantly adding to the list of what juices me up and I plan on sharing some of those things throughout the month. I'm super excited about and inspired by the wonderful guest posters who will be sharing stories of inspiration here throughout the month. Jen's post yesterday was fabulous!

I've had a fairly quiet day today for the first time in a solid week and so I thought it'd be a great moment to share a few things that are inspiring me and ask you about your current inspiration!

Nature: I'm feeling inspired by and grateful for the gorgeous weather. I took a walk down to a nearby river where I ate my lunch and wrote for an hour. It was lovely. I'm always inspired by sitting in nature and near moving water.

Books: I'm currently reading: The Wishing Year: A House, A Man, My Soul A Memoir of Fulfilled Desire by Noelle Oxenhandler and absolutely loving it.

Music: Somehow I missed out on the music of Arcade Fire, but the song "Wake Up" in the trailer of Where the Wild Things Are (also very inspiring, check it out below) was haunting me, so I got the album the song came from and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Inspiration Journal: I keep a nifty inspiration journal by my bed. It's one of those thick, red, canvas-covered, blank journals you can get in book stores. I keep it to do very light, low-pressure, playful collages and doodles in whenever I feel like it. It's fun sometimes to tear through catalogs and magazines, ripping out images of whatever catches my eye. I glue them in in a pleasing fashion and sometimes write words alongside them. Looking back through it today, it felt like I had been writing a visual love letter to our first home. Sadie helped me flip to this page today. I like all the muted colors and textures here.

inspiration journal sadie

Interview: I loved this video interview of Dirty Footprints Studio's Connie on Darrah's blog, artcetera. Connie is too cute! I loved when she said, searching for your artistic voice is like searching for your own nose, it's already there, you don't need to find it!! Ok, she said it better than that, so go over and listen for yourself. And if you'd like to hear more of Connie (and me!), tune into Connie's blogtalk radio show this Sunday, September 6th at 6pm EST when she'll be interviewing Jennifer Lee and I about our Creative Play workshop in Boston this month and lots of ways to add creative play to your everyday life. You can even call in and say hello!

Writing: I love Eileen's writing. This post about the times between our creative pushing and the meanings behind our obsession with Buffy (or whatever it is you're obsessed with) is saying about you, is a great example!

Podcasts: I love to listen to podcasts, so I'm super excited that the fabulous Jamie Ridler has started her own all about creative living! Check out her very first podcast here.

And the list could go on and on and on...But for now, I bid you adieu.

p.s. Please send some good kitty vibes to my kitty Sadie who is having an itty bitty lump removed tomorrow. Thank you!!

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Love Maurice Sendac, will have to see the movie.
You inspire me. The other day I found a half-mile trail by Lake Erie. There are benches to sit on, people walk their dogs or jog or walk. I made it around the trail which was quite an accomplishment for me. I am inspired to keeping going with the “move” theme. The pool closes in a few days so I have been on the lookout for something else to do.
I will be teaching again after a long break. Very exciting.

Oh I discovered Arcade Fire a couple of years ago (through the trusty CBC, always good for the new Canadian band thing) but I haven’t listened to them lately. Thanks for reminding me.

I’m too busy to be inspired these days.

I’ve been so inspired by mellow music (Damien Rice, Elliot Smith, Jose Gonzalez, Iron & Wine) just to name a few, and the autumn approaching, changes in seasons always inspirational.

I’m sending good kitty vibes to Sadie. And to you, too.

I find Eileen pretty inspiring, too, actually. She has this way of writing just what I need, when I need it. Her and Havi, both of them.

And I am endlessly inspired by my children. Right now my 1-year-old is learning to walk. Just seeing that sheer persistence every day. Falling down, getting back up, trying again undaunted. I remember we all learned to walk this way, even me. Surely if I can do that I can do anything! :)

I keep an inspiration journal too, although mostly I write out small passages from books or poems to read again when I am feeling low or lost. I like the idea of tearing out pitcures from magazines though.

I have recently been inspired by a book called “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge. It is a Christian book but so much of it is talking about beauty and how that influences our life.

I get inspired by James Taylor’s music. He tells so many stories and his guitar playing is beautiful.

Hope all goes well for Sadie.

Hello Leah,
Wow, that trailer of where the wild things are, gave me goose bumps, very mooving and left me wondering, where is my wild thing gone? Hmmmm, very risky question, could open up a huge can of worms, let’s hope!
When I was 11 I was in a play of “Where the wild things are” and we came second in a competition, but the play it self has so much more meaning for me now than it did then…if only i knew then what i know know! Thanks for the inspiration, I am going to have to take this energy somewhere…Angie ox

Good vibes to Sadie kitty. Sueno doggie had a large lump removed from her chest last year. They said keep her quiet when I brought her home. Ha! We gave her some “quiet down” medicine. Ha! Needless to say Sueno doggie came out of the whole thing better then her Mommy, here, who became a nervous wreck trying to make sure her stitches didn’t pull out. She is still fine. I am sure Sadie kitty will be too. Sueno whispered so in my ear.

books: Art Revolution by Lisa L Cyr and Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed Media Artists by Ann Baldwin;

talking with other artists, seeing their work, kicking around collaboration ideas. our show was very slow last night but it gave us time to really look at each other’s work & talk about techniques to try. yahoo groups are also great for this as are other artist’s blogs. one of my blog friends suggested the Lisa Cyr book in fact.

trying new media, learning new things always gets the juices going. if i’m stuck i buy a book or look into the dusty art supplies & usually get going again.

nature always- love the landscape & sky, birds, wildflowers, etc…

ced has kept me inspired to think about art every day, whether i can actually manifest ot not, but to understand that sometimes the creative process is going on in the brain before being born.

i seem to have more inspriation than time to act on it these days!

I always get a lot of inspiration from nature. I walk a lot with my dog so I am always on the lookout for colors and shapes. My flower gardens and my husbands veggie garden are such eye candy and the changing seasons are especially inspiring. I just love fall so I will soon be in my glory here in N.E. Pa! I also get a lot of inspiration from reading and recently was moved to do my first “series” after reading an article by Rande Hanson in Somerset Studio (with one palette) Her color combinations were some that I enjoy using myself and that was all the inspiration I needed to get started. I will try to upload them on my blog later today.

Lately I’ve been inspired by the little details of living. Rather than the conceptual paintings of Flying Girl, or the ornamental doodles of flowers, or even the drawing and painting requests of my kids, I’m just trying to draw little bits of my life. A flower here, a coffee cup there, a watergun or snack so. And journaling. Taking notes on the life as it happens.

Good children’s literature is always uplifting and Maurice Sendak is one of the best! Can’t wait for that movie!
I just came back from a business trip in Vegas last month and what inspired me most was seeing the Cirque du Soleil show KA at MGM Grand. It was PHENOMENAL! I bought the backstage DVD, CD with the music and the book that details the storyline as this is the one Cirque show ever that has a completely theatrical motif of a story throughout. It was magical…my daughter will be dancing in a special show in the spring that is Cirque-esque…and I am contemplating making jewelry inspired by the entire story line of this show. If you ever have the chance to see any Cirque, jump at it! And buy the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack too!
Enjoy the day!

What inspires me? Drinking a steaming mug of tea outside first thing in the morning, listening, watching birds and butterflies and writing whatever comes to mind. Being quiet at night and looking at the moon. And I am inspired by new beginnings, fresh starts, the changing seasons. I am also inspired by other people’s creations and watching them live their passions and heart’s desires. And I’ve been “inspired” to dig up an old poem I wrote about noticing the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Sending love to your kitty Leah.

When you have 8.33 minutes, go and watch this on YouTube. I guarantee you that you will be inspired! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=518XP8prwZo

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and be safe! xo

That inspired me lately, is my sons. My little sons. I like his smile, his joke and playing with him.

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