Creative Every Day Challenge Check-In: October 12 – 18

October 12th, 2009

Ced2009Welcome, Creative Every Day Challenge participants! 

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Happy Creating!

Art, in the first place, has to connect with yourself. ~Andrew Brown

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connect is big for me this week – i’m having 2 wonderful friends from far away come and stay with me next weekend, and we’re doing a transformational process integration workshop together called “create the relationships you have always wanted by learning to more fully love yourself”. it’s going to be fantastic. a lot of my creativity is going into my home right now, creating comfortable little nooks for my friends to stay in while they are here.

Hi Leah,

Wish I was one of the friends coming to stay. I’d love a chance to do some art with you and bonding with friends, new or longtime, is such a wonderful way to connect with yourself and your friends.


Hi Leah, Making connections is a great topic to use for reflection. I’m always looking for ways to connect with my art especially in nature. It was so hard to see summer come to an end this year, especially because it was so brief. I want to find ways to value this autumn season and extend the joys of summer at least visually. One thing for sure, I’m going to keep my camera in my car as often as possible. that way I’ll be sure to capture the moments as I see them.

Leah, I loved your post about Connecting to your longing. I just wrote a post on your Necessary Fire — connecting to your Necessary Fire. I also want to connect more deeply to the part of me that yearns to be a visual artist.

a little video this week … browsing thru the latest in my Art House Coop adventure :) Miracles, k-

Hi Leah and Everyone! I have connected with a lot of people since I shared my inchies project last week. Several expressed interest in seeing progressions photos, so I’ve posted pictures for where I am up to now. I’m having a blast with the page. I’ve also connected with ideas for projects with ink on my hands (no pix yet), plus I re-connected with an acrylic doodle painting, that I had started way back, and have it almost finished. It’s been a good weekend! Have a great week all! :)

Hi Leah, I’m going to go for AEDM again this year! We’ll see what comes of it!

I have so many unfinished projects on the go, that this week I wish to “connect” the dots and get that satisfying feeling of completion happening within me. Once that’s done, I feel as though I can connect more honestly. I love CED

connection this week was spending 4 days with my daughters (and baby grandson)—my youngest daughter is getting married in about 10 days–so we had a lovely bridal shower…
and art was about both new textile designs for my textile design class and my crafty “to do’ list –you may see it all here :

I don’t think it links with the theme, but I am just finishing off my art journal from the past 8 months. I created my cover last. It was so fun to be able to work more 3D.

This weeking I’m just continuing to use this thing to stay connected to my creativity on a daily basis. Having an assignment keeps me on track and reminds me daily that I need to do something. I’ve just finished a batch of handmade cards inspired by the fall leaves.

Leah, you refer to your husband as the hubster, too. I like that.

Thank you so much for your visits and lovely comments.

Today I have a lovely print to show that I won in a giveaway as well as more Photoshop patterns.

Hope you aren’t getting bored with me.


just back from the coast, and reconnecting with the ocean and a very dear friend. expect ocean shots on the blog all week as i process photos & decide where to go from there!

I am working big time on connecting with the deeper desire in myself to be a powerful self-sustaining woman. I took one step further this week by opening my shop on etsy and making my 2010 calendar available for purchase.
Thanks for all the ways you have supported me on this journey!

Today was a great day. I found some handmade cards that I had lost in my own house! They reconnect me to my wonderful Maine vacation and to the things that inspire me–maps and patterns.

Happy belated Anniversary, Leah!

In today’s post I have a couple of wedding photos that I altered a bit in Photoshop to hide some busy backgrounds.


Hi there, everyone. I think I missed last week’s check-in. I have been in a slump, and am finally pulling myself out of it. My latest post is for The Joy Diet, but it also is about how I connected to an inner pattern of mine and maybe how to pull myself out of it! So, it is about the theme in a way.

This is actually my Monday, October 19th post, but I won’t be home to post then.



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