Body talk with Goddess Leonie

January 12th, 2010

Late last week, I had the opportunity to chat with the beautiful Goddess Leonie about the body and some of the fabulous things she's up to in the world. I love how we're able to chat like this from opposite ends of the world (I'm on the east coast of the U.S. and Leonie is in Australia.) And I loved seeing our opposites in the seasons (summer for her, winter for me) and our dark and light hair. Why I get such a kick out of these things, I'm not sure, but I do! It was like a little video yin-yang!

The sound is a little wonky (not matching our lips) in the first part of our chat, but it gets better. And it's worth listening to to hear Leonie's great tips about connecting with the body. Plus, you'll get to see two cat cameos (aka video bombers.) :-)

To drink in more of Leonie's awesomeness, I highly recommend checking out her Creating Your Goddess Year Planner and Workbook. It's 40 beautifully illustrated pages that you can download and print at home and use to bring closure to your 2009 and plan your amazing 2010.

Leonie's also got some courses starting up soon, including the Radiant Goddess e-course (which you can purchase with the Goddess Planner for a discount) and the Creative Goddess e-course (both of which start up on January 17th.) And you can always find Leonie on her beautiful blog, Goddess Guidebook.

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Having just been through a year and a half “journey” that has brought me to a new appreciation for my body, I have to say I could relate to many of the things you and Leonie discussed in your video. Making a decision and jumping on it right away is an awesome thing to do! I like what she said about not over thinking things. And something you said about the ebb & flow of ideas speaks to how I have been trying to live. To let my art be interpetive and to just go with what I am feeling. Now, 82 pounds lighter…I feel so good in this body everyday. I really listen to my body rhythms now more than ever. I’m renewed and invigorated to get up and go!!! I hope I never stop listening to my body or to my muse!!

What a joy to listen to you two creative and radiant goddesses chat about ways to honor our magnificent bodies!

That was awesome. it almost made me cry because i am not doing what i could be doing for myself in just about any arena and that is something i need to work on. i need a job where all i have to do is take e-courses for ever. thanks.

Oh precious woman… thank you so much for the interview… it’s *always* such a joy to connect with you… and your beautiful creative everydayers! pure magic!

big big love
Goddess Leonie

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Dear Creative Leah and Goddess Leonie – What a wonderful and delightful interview! It was so nice to see both of you talking back and forth like old friends – it just flowed. And my cat watched the whole video with me and seemed to enjoy it :-) Have not really given much conscious thought to my body lately and need to listen to her more. Have recovered each time from several injuries (I’m clumsy) and am very thankful every day that my hands work well to make art and my feet take me where I want to go. Thank you so much for sharing <3

What an excellent way to spend 24.02 minutes listening to you interview Leonie. The practices of hands-and-feet in dirt and outside sunrise and sunset, I love these. Though winter is a bit cool to be dig bare extremities into the soil around here. I settle for a daily walk in the woods. Lovely piece of work. Congratulations to you both.

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I thought this visit was just wonderful.I have not been doing what I need to for my body,as a result theres alot of pain in the morning.I have yoga supplies to practice but all I do is look at them.This has inspired me to take maybe 5 min of time for yoga.Thank you!

Great interview Leah. You do such good work!

Keep the creative inspiration coming! I love it. :)

Jippi – Leah-TV so much fun. Thank you for putting all this work into this.


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