Creative Every Day Check-In: January 18 – 24

January 18th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to. If you're on Twitter, there's a growing Twitter list of CED participants and you can use the hashtag #CED2010 to help others find your Creative Every Day tweets!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for January is Body. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with it here.

Happy Creating!

...I rarely draw what I see. I draw what I feel in my body. -Barbara Hepworth

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Hi, Leah !

Past mid-night and I’m still up :)

Today * Goddess School * started.
Leonie makes me smile-
She’s an inspiration for Healing and Happiness.

Blessings and Peace,
((((( HUG ))))

Oh, it’s been slow going with my writing lately. I feel that is the only area of my life where I am creative. There are only so many topics I feel like I can discuss and have the body theme flow within it.
I am trying, though! Everyday I sit and think about it, but some days the words just won’t come to me.
I am loving keeping up with all of the other blogs.

Have linked and really enjoying this challenge – gets me thinking about being creative, if not doing it!

Finished re-organizing my work space and now the studio looks and feels more like a studio/mini gallery with more space for displaying art and less clutter. Also working on my latest painting. Trying for a dark, night sky. Not pushing it, just letting it evolve as it will. And lastly, working on the “business” side of my art. (not so much fun)

nothing “body” done last week, but i did get to play this weekend on some other pieces!

in the body theme i did an amazing “dance your prayers” workshop yesterday and feel energized, alive and present in my body.
today i am being creative by: drawing birds in my sketchbook and knitting.
happy creating everyone!

I can’t manage to get something done every day, but I make it some days :) I really enjoy checking out what others have accomplished during the week, though….

I am on the cusp of finishing some writing and sending it out to potential publishers. Oh, this part is so daunting. Being an artist and so sensitive, I’ve never done well with rejection. Any yet, I know it’s part of the game.
I guess I’ll have to develop some rejection-of-my-art-specific body armor. :)

I haven’t been doing something that I normally deem creative everyday but then I realize that I have creative ideas within everyday.

hello dear Leah,
i couldn’t help to post a video and a poem in my blog for this week, i am ecstatic, i think they both are so perfect for this theme
thank YOU as always for all you do for us, and soul hugs!

posted challenge pieces I worked on. progress on experimental painting & a bit of visual journaling done.

Thanks for this challenge, Leah! I might not update my blog every day, but I am DOING something creative daily — whether sketching, painting, writing. I feel so much better when I do something creative every day.

I’ve done some writing. I haven’t been great about updating my blog and I’m not quite ready to share some of the more personal pieces, but I’m enjoying this challenge just for getting me to open myself up more.

I am temporarily posting on one my blogs instead of my .com due to an unknown hacker who shall reap what he/she did. I do have a bit of gratitude {misplaced?} for the random hijacking of my site though. Discoveries revealed when we dump the proverbial creAtive drawer so we can access and determine order.

Maron~creative order is always so-o inspiring … I totally agree with the business side of art not being so much fun.

Hudson~rejection-of-my-art-specific body armor? love that visual; need it right now for sure!

So many of my projects spread out over several days! Sometimes I feel guilty for posting on one day that I have recorded the sound and then the next that I have edited the sound… But they are all creative processes so I guess I won’t lose any sleep. ;)

Hey Leah, Thanks for your comments on my art work, bless and thankyou to all the other great people I am meeting. This Creative Everyday is a blessing xxx Im in love : )

This week I have posted about the body thru ‘Tattoos’
Body art is so beautiful, its a commitment so huge. So I photographed everyone around me in a 1km radius, I do live in the middle of a large farm so that isnt many!!!
But the collection is beautiful and personal.

Enjoy everyone
eeewww what to do next

xxx Sheree : )

Right now, I am in a phase where I’m not happy with anything I’m working on. Fortunately rather than getting too frustrated by it, I’m trying to use my overly critical eye to try to make things better. My blog post this week is called “Riding the Doubt Wave.”

Wow. Look at all this good stuff. Sometimes, I feel like I am too busy revising my novel, making flying girl softies, raising my kids, drawing calendars and worksheets, planning paintings, cooking dinners and… well going about the business of living to actually post.

I have so much I want to do, but not enough time. harrumph

The subject of body has been good for me this month,I feel like I’m in my winter rut,I need some spring weather to boost my spirits.I feel lazy and indecisive in everything I do.This has made me more aware of whats going on inside me.Thank you Leah.

I’ve been focusing on learning how to use pan pastels, so that is my entry for this week. I love seeing what everyone else is doing.

My first post got eaten in cyber space… I’m here with a challenging week ahead of me between power outage and travel. Thank you Leah for all you do in holding this space – on the good weeks and the not so good weeks:)

hi leah! just did a “what i was wearing” self-portrait, lopsided hair and all :)

I just posted a portrait I did a couple of months ago (and won 2nd place in a contest) as a donation I’m doing via ’silent auction’ for disaster relief in Haiti. Help spread the word if you can!!

I am still keeping up with the creativity ((this is like a new record for me ;) )) I find that it is becoming easier and easier to justify the time I spend creating as time goes on, where as before it was easier and easier to justify the time I DID NOT spend creating. LOL I am loving this.

Wow! Lots of new people!! When I get a minute to breathe, I’ll have to check out all the links.

I’m excited to see all the links and what people have done. I have been creative daily, but not always posting. I love the idea of Creative Everyday – letting it happen and noticing when I am changing my thoughts and actions to include this important aspect of myself in every day life.

Thanks for the opportunity to share!

Enjoying the Vision Journaling Workshop at True North Arts and found an unused modular shelf in the garage (college kid left it behind) which now holds some of my art supplies. I’m taking over the dining room :-)

I was very sick over the week-end … Jan 23rd & 24th so I did not blog on Saturday or Sunday about my creative endeavors last week. I managed to continue on with my goal of drawing or painting … something … every day … and last Friday I created my Illustration Friday drawing and blogged it at least before going to bed to feel so miserable.

What did I draw on Saturday and Sunday? On Sat it was an ACT size palm tree and on Sunday it was a 6″ x 6″ tree stalk. Neither are my best work by any means but they helped keep me on track with my goal for 2010 of drawing something every day. My stuffy nose and the accompanying headache this morning are better than the week-end. I hope to be back at the drawing board soon!

It took me a long and rather difficult time to come up with my “art of the body” post and art, but it was worth it. My body is about to change, and creativity will help me get through the journey.

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