Tree Bodies

January 23rd, 2010

Trees always strike me as figure-like, especially in winter when they're stripped of their leaves. Perhaps that's why I love drawing and painting them so much!

I've been super sick over the past few days. I felt it coming on early in the week and tried my best to listen to my body and take it easy, but this cold/flu-thing still hit me like a ton of bricks and knocked me out for a few days. I'm still in recovery mode, living in pajamas and surviving on soup and tissues, but I started to get itchy to draw something this afternoon (a good sign!) and drew this tree image I've had in my head for awhile. I kept it simple, playing with watercolor pencils in my sketchbook. I like it though. Perhaps I'll do something else with the idea when I'm feeling better. Or this may be enough.

Being sick is so boring sometimes. I have no energy, but I'm restless from being still for so long. But I appreciate being doted on by the hubster who made me yummy soup and picked up medicine for me at the pharmacy. What a guy. :-)

I hope you're all staying healthy! Stay tuned, early this week, I'll be announcing February's totally optional theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge!

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Sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope you feel better soon! Being sick can make you antsy. Your painting really seems to say “Winter”.

Hope you continue to feel better surrounded by the healing of cats, soup, and love.


Though I don’t know you, I want to wish you healing and share the wisdom of winter (fallow)…

Of winter’s lifeless world each tree
Now seems a perfect part;
Yet each one holds summer’s secret
Deep down within its heart.
~ Charles G. Stater

Stater may have been moved by Plutarch (here below):

“Antisthenes [student of Socrates] says that in a certain faraway land the cold is so intense that words freeze as soon as they are uttered, and after some time then thaw and become audible, so that words spoken in winter go unheard until the next summer.” ~ Plutarch, Moralia

Your trees are crisp and clean looking,like the new year.
I like trees any time of the year,They seem to speak to us,don’t you think.

Oh no…hope you get better real soon. Totally know what you mean regarding being sick and restless. You want to do stuff, you just can’t physically somehow…ich!

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Poor you. Take care and hope u get well soon!

Think back to those dreamy childhood sick-in-bed days, when the major symptoms have passed but mom won’t let you get up yet. Remember the “other” worlds you made with your pillows and bed-covers (and whatever else).

I believe there is magic in that state. Some of my best ideas come from those waking dreams.

Once a year, in mid-summer, I try to go to bed right at sunset. The colors are different.

But also–please feel better!

Hope you are back to high energy soon!

I love the painting. It reminds me that even in the cold, dark days of winter,the world is still filled with graceful beauty.

Feel better soon. Glad you’re on the mend. I’ve been down with a bad headcold too so I can commiserate!

I hope you feel better Leah! You should definitely get more rest and enjoy at least the attention hubby is happy to share with you, especially when you are under the weather. I have always loved your trees that you paint and draw, they truly do seem figure-like, with much personality and emotion resonating from them.
Feel better soon!

get better soon.x l am in bed too at the moment with hip and back problems but they will pass soonxxkeep positive and l love your workxxlynda

I love trees. I have quite a few pictures of trees and have started a series of them with my digital art. They are just so beautiful!

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Love the tree painting, LeahI I, too, love to stroll the neighborhood looking at the structure of all the trees in any season of the year.

Hope you feel better soon!

loved all the great features of the artists! hope you get better soon. sending you lots of healthy, warm thoughts leah.

I’m sooo loving blue at this time for some reason, and your trees are so pretty and peaceful.
Sorry you’ve been ill, it’s not fun, but aren’t husbands great? Mine is very nurturing as well, and sweet.
Wishing you a full recovery soon :D

I loved your painting and it seemed really poigniant, I’ve been a little obsessed with looking at the trees lately and thought how funny it was that they look like someones turned them all upside down over Winter, so that the top looks like the root system! Immediately I became aware of their reflection of perfect balance. The seemingly upturned trees also represent to me ‘As above, so below’. Winter perhaps then reflects a time when we are able to mirror this image of the tree, to bring ourselves back into balance, to reconnect with our soul/creative spirit and emerge in a much more energised fashion in the Spring.
I hope you get better soon. Thank you for sharing your lovely paintings.

I hope you feel better soon! My son and I have been fighting off the chest congestion for a week now. I’m rebounding better than my poor little guy. Take good care of yourself and get lots of rest.

Sweet Leah,

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. But I’m glad to hear that you are listening to your body and not trying the Superwoman we all tend to attempt to be, even when sick. And I love these lovely trees–their strength and light in the darkness of the blues. Be well.

Oh Leah, so sorry you are feeling poorly. I had a long winter of illness last year, but I made the most of the quieter time by playing in my journal like you have done. It provided some ideas that I could take to the canvas when I was feeling better & more energetic.
I love trees, too. This past week they were especially fascinating while covered with a thick layer of ice.
I like your trees very much. I like the repetition and the way you graduated the background color. xo

Leah, this is nice. And you could flip it – turn it upside down and you have roots! Also, I saw the ovals between the trees, making it a totally different painting. So many possibilities – art is great, isn’t it? I hope you’re better – sick is boring but take care of yourself – sounds like your husband is taking good care of you. Chicken soup really does work!

Hi Lear,
I like the repetition in your painting suggesting movement and I think this is also a sign that you are going to feel better.
The pattern in negative space is very interesting too in your painting, showing like a row of hanging fruits.
Nice work!

Hope you’re feeling better! I think the crud is making its way around the universe right now. We’ve all had it here, and it isn’t any fun. I’m glad that your hubster is such a sweety as it makes feeling crummy not quite so bad.


I’ve always thought trees were a bit human-like too. I took a picture of a tree that looks like it’s dancing. Trees are so alive and unique. Each one is different. They provide much inspiration for me.

I love how the trees reach up, out and beyond the page! It’s as if they are fighting against the ravages of winter and demanding to be seen. Then later, to bloom. Hope you rest well and feel much better soon.

i really enjoy follow you, this month i ve been travelling but i danced in bangalore with body paint for my piece called lucy i did use santalwwod paste
i will follow your home challenge
thanks for all

thanks for all you give to us i did not have time to post a picture of me dancing in bangalore because i use public computer and it is not easy..

Feel better! Being sick is the pits. Glad the hubster is taking good care of you. Love your trees!

I love these trees (You did a beautiful job!) and often think of bodies in trees. Maybe because of Tolkein and fairy tales, maybe because they ARE there! ;) Older trees especially.

I had been thinking about tree bodies while pondering the BODY theme but hadn’t done anything with it. With your example as inspiration, yesterday I did. It will be on my weekly update tomorrow. Thanks!

Hi Leah,

I love your tree post. Simple and delicate. Well, I did get my challenge done, albeit the last day:) Hope you are on the mend. I am fighting a bug now, comes with the territory when working shifts, commuting and being exposed to all kinds of things in the hospital.

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