Little Pockets of Bliss

June 3rd, 2010

Sometimes, the simplest way to grow the joy around you is to notice all the little bits of bliss around you. Try this: Take out a piece of paper or your sketchbook and number 1 - 20. Then list 20 little things that make you happy. They could be teeny tiny things like rasberry jam on toasted english muffins or the peony that just bloomed in your backyard. Or they could be larger things like your daughter or your beloved pet. Write the first twenty things that come to your mind. Bonus points for bringing your list up to 50! or 100!

It could also be an ongoing list, like a grocery list that you keep adding to as  you think of things. You might keep a little piece of paper folded in your wallet that you can add to or keep your list in a moleskine notebook that travels in your purse. I love the idea of having a list of bliss tucked in your pocket!

Just noticing the little things that bring you joy, tends to bring even more joy in. So start listing! Maybe even start a small list in the comments of 5 things!

Here's five of mine for today: silly songs from the hubster to wake me up the morning, a flower petaled sidewalk, Emma the cat snoozing in the window seat, clean sheets, cold lemonade.

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Oh yes, noticing the bits of bliss makes a huge difference. My five for today: the smell of bread baking, well-fitting running shoes, kisses hello and goodbye, seeing friends you haven’t seen in a while, scrambled eggs and toast.

niiiiiiice :)

my five for the day: lattes, piles of art journals, my new art space, preparing for a big creativity workshop this weekend, sewing sundresses.

ripe strawberries with milk and sugar, bare feet on the wet grass, puppy fur, sparkling mineral water, a note from a friend

(one) the baby’s drooly smile. (two) chocolate covered oreos in jewel colored foil wrappers. (three) a family birthday celebration, just us four. (four) huge pink peonies. (five) learning something new, and twittering away!

Love this !
My five :
- the peony in a pretty colbalt blue vase that I cut just before the rain this morning
- rubber stamp alphabets
- my Yellow Lab’s big brown eyes
- the orchid blooming in my kitchen
- the color orange

You are so amazing, Leah ! Here’s to a blissful day !

I’ve been doing something akin to this for the past few Saturdays. :)

1. eating peas from freshly picked pods standing in the garden
2. lying on my back on the patio watching the clouds
3. ATC-swap with blog-friends
4. watching swallows racing across the sky
5. dancing in the kitchen with husband

totally blistified.


So funny Leah – this is almost how I started off June!

So far each day’s little creation has been about something I find blissful!

If I can think of 30 things, June will be an easy month for creating every day! ;)

(I bet I can….)


You dance in the kitchen with your husband? Wow, blissful indeed!

oh – silly me – that was Ines dancing in the kitchen! Yours sings to you in the morning? Wow….

i’m about to walk my daughter to camp – i think this might be just the thing to talk about on the way!

1. That first sip of coffee.
2. When my dog gets on the couch and curls up halfway on top of me and pretends to fall instantly dead asleep with his head in my lap even though he isn’t supposed to get on the couch at all.
3. Being so lost in a book I lose all track of time.
4. Clouds in the sunrise.
5. When my hands and clothes smell like herbs after working in the garden.

Just off the top of my head.
1.drinking iced coffee when I’m really thirsty.
2.picking the faster line in the grocery store.
3.seeing my husband happy and not stressed out from work.
4.watching my dog eat her treat
5.having our children over for dinner and visiting about years past.
I find bliss all around me,I need to start my list.
This subject is fun.

P.S. I forgot to say how cute the Bliss Trumpeting Elephant is!

love this site!
ok, here goes…..
1*sleeping 8 whole hours last night
2*finding an awesome DVD at library bout kids and art.
3*canvases at 70% off.
4*the joy on the 11 yr olds face (my one and only art student) when he finds out what happens to watercolor wet on wet.
5*a really good , short , thunderstorm and the smell of the earth afterwards.

Love the elephant and the pocket of bliss is a fabulous idea. Thanks to you I’ve decided that all this month I will do weekly post of things that make me happy. my first one is on my blog right now. Also I also live in boston, ma! I go to BU!

Here are 5 things off the top of my head that make me happy.

1. My Roommate she is so lovely and she was a random pic.
2. Late night sushi!
3. Art!
4. My Brothers and sisters
5. Cute little children

I love this ~ and your site. Thank you.

Five things that make me happy ~

1. My husband being silly to make me laugh
2. Hugs from our 16 year old son
3. Cuddly snuggles from our dog ‘Tilly’
4. Growing my own summer food for us
5. Having BUMBLEBEES nesting in one of our compost bins

Excellent idea, and noticing the little things does definitely make a big difference. My five for right now are:
The conversations between neighbors outside their houses
Evening sun
The sound of birds
Little presents from people around the world
Smile from a stranger

I love this idea, Leah! Great idea! Here are my five for today.
1. My kitties’ cuddles
2. My favorite chocolate ice cream
3. My grand-daughters’ hugs
4. Enjoying the quiet of mornings with my 1st cup of coffee
5. Hearing the birds singing in the morning outside my window

Wait – one extra: watching a happy, touching movie with my husband (like yesterday afternoon!)

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Such a powerful practice, Leah and reading everyone’s bliss is an uplifting way to start the day (I’m a little slow getting going today ;)

1. the sound of the words in the poem “Jabberwocky”
2. sleeping in on a rainy weekday
3. tried a new fruit at the market- a “horned melon” and its texture is between jello and a custard
4. lily of the valley in the back yard- the sweet smell and bell-like flowers
5. Tuesday’s are studio days

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