Cardinal Tree

November 16th, 2010

For day 16 of Art Every Day Month, I've done a simple drawing of a tree full of cardinals. I was inspired by the bright, bright red cardinals in our yard today. They're so pretty! Their color is even more jolting on gray days like today. I've drawn it in in on 6"x12" canvas paper.

I think this would look cute on a holiday card!

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got me all nostalgic for growing up in the midwest, where cardinals were one of my favorite sights in winter. no cardinals here on the north coast of california, but then there were no pelicans in minnesota, either :)

this is really striking leah!
i love it.

I love the simplicity and the multiple cardinals set it off just right :) .
Stay inspired!

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You are right; this would make a great card! I’ve been thinking about cardinals today too, only stuffed ones. It’s funny how so often I will have something on my mind, I hop over here, and you’ve posted something with that same theme.

How pretty, especially for a day like today. I have a bright red cardinal that always comes and visits right outside my window.

Fantastic! I’ve never seen a cardinal in person before.

Lovely! I noticed a pair of cardinals (and a sparrow) in a tree today, too. So pretty and happy.

It’s so pretty! I agree. It would make a very nice holiday card. :)

This would be a great holiday card! So simple yet so beautiful.

My very first thought when I saw it was, “That would make a wonderful holiday card”. I’m a graphic artist, so if you need anything in the way of fonts and layout, feel free to contact me. (Not a plug, just a genuine appreciation for your beautiful artwork.)

I see embossing the tree, with the cardinals and holiday verbage in red foil. Of course, I’d love it without all the embossing and foil, simply printed on a nice matte cardstock. Either way, very elegant.

I love this one and I love cardinals, simple but stunning!

I really like the tree!

Oh Leah, love this!!!
Perfect holiday card! Very striking!


Very simple. Very nice and clean.

That would indeed be a lovely holiday card.


Just found your blog and love the idea of art every day !
Hope you link up my projects

Love the simplicity. Beautiful :-)

I think that this would make a terrific Christmas card. Lovely!

I LOVE this and YES, you should print it and use if for you holiday cards, you are ahead of the game!

You know I don’t think I have ever seen a Cardinal out here. Such pretty birds.Stunning painting.

Simple but so lovely.

I love the contrast of the red against the stark balck and white!

I love the cardinals, they look so striking against the black and white background.

Definitely would be great holiday card :) Very classy!

I love this! It is so simple and beautiful. I love the use of only a few colors to convey the starkness and the birds are the bright pop of life. Beautiful!

So simple and beautiful! I saw a cardinal yesterday too!

I love this. So East Coasty (where I grew up). You don’t see that image on the West Coast much.

I like the minimal use of colour so that the red cardinals stand out proud. Really lovely.

Kat X

absolutely gorgeous in its simplicity.

When I was a little girl, I loved watching the cardinals out in the cold air while I was tucked away in the warmth, inside.

Beautiful image Leah! I love the starkness of the branches and the bright red Cardinals. Definitely would make a great card.

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