November 17th, 2010

Day 17 of Art Every Day Month. Another intuitive piece. I did the collage elements first and saw the figure so clearly! I like how the dress came together, however, I feel like I want to change the background, but for now this is where I'll stop.

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LOVE! the background is fabulous–sort of retro-chalkboard green. makes me happy!

The lady is so graceful and her dress is beautiful. I love the way she holds her stomach. Your intuition is allowing a bit of your pregnancy through into your art – like the relationship with your growing babe is being expressed and recorded through your art.

Kat X

I was about to echo exactly what Katina has written, I love your beautiful lady and her enveloping arms. :)

Yes! As I saw the dress form in the collage, I saw the spiral at her center and thought, “Ooo, this is pregnancy art coming through!” :-)

gorgeous, Leah! love the sense of the whole world being born through you. and the layered collage effect also underlines this texture and depth in your life. beautiful. can’t wait to see how you finish it!

hole moly leah!
your intuitive paintings keep getting more and more powerful. i can’t wait to see what you do next.

it’s a powerful piece – she holds herself well…nicely done

Wow! This is very powerful! It has a real presence to it and a definite story waiting to be told. Beautiful work.

Interesting reading the comments here. I see I’m not the only one noticing the change in your work. I’ve thought your figures seem to be becoming more introspective, kind of like a pregnant woman does:)

I love this piece – I love the map in her dress and how she’s looking sort of down – as if looking inside can offer direction… such a nice sentiment.

Lovely piece! I love the collaged part, too… the maps and such have always been interesting to look at for me :)

She is so lovely Leah. The red and the map elements in her dress are so beautiful to look at. Nice collection of colors.

Love it! Moon around the womb energy. Intuitive and rich, indeed. Inspires collage ideas too! I get a vision of the “background” being a mood and the woman a grounded constant. Thank you!

SOOO beautiful and graceful. What I am “getting” is that everything she has created,worked on, loved and experienced has lead to this incredible experience of sweet holding.

Ahhh, lovely.

I really love the infusion of new colors in your recent art! It’s alive and fresh…

Evocative and elegant

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This is really beautiful.

beautiful! so very beautiful. :)

I like this idea Leah and the use of maps (I’m a bit of map lover myself!). She looks very serene.

Oh, I love this so much. Green is my favorite color..I love her dress and the music notes at the bottom too :) yay

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