December 22nd, 2010

I like to pick a theme word for the year and usually they come to me pretty easily, but this year I've been having a hard time picking one.

I went through a whole brainstorming process to come to this word and I like the path it led me on, so I thought I'd share it with you, just in case you're trying to figure out your own word for 2011.

I started out thinking of the words nest, home, and birth (can you tell what's on my mind?), but none of them felt quite right, so I kept thinking on it, letting words roll around in my mind. As I brainstormed, I thought of the words: becoming, allow, trust, and adventure.

Then I thought about breaking down the year into quarters. I already know that in first quarter of the year, I want to focus on creating space and tidying up, both in my business and home. There's all sorts of preparations to do as I get ready for the little baby who is currently kicking me in the organs.

And then I figured the next quarter would be a quieter period (in some ways), as I adjust to motherhood, deal with sleep deprivation, and help our little one adjust to life out in the world.

And then I imagined there would be a time of adjustment to life as it becomes.

And that's when the word hit me: Metamorphosis. Perfect! Just like the butterfly, I'll be spending time preparing, going within, and then transforming into something new and different. Certainly an exciting time, an adventurous one, perhaps even a little frightening. But beautiful.

I made this little art piece today to commemorate my word for the year.

Have you chosen a word for 2011? Have you thought about expressing it in a creative way, that you can keep around to remind you of your focus for the year?

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I have three words from 2010 that I want to carry over to 2011. Creative, Spiritual, Joyful. I kept them in a small shrine in my desk at my old job this past year. They guided me to take on a new opportunity that I begin in January.

My words for 2010 were acceptance and surrender. For 2011 it is transformation. So like metamorphosis, don’t you think? I see surrender as the bridge from acceptance to transformation.

In 2011 I would like to be more proactive in my life in every way possible. Not just going along the same old path but creating new paths…being involved…making the choices with awareness. Proactive, involved & aware!

Leah – thank you for sharing your process. Wonderful!

This year for me I am going to start off with a question instead of a word. And I’m going to use it for as long as it works and then have another question. Last year having one word didn’t work for me because experience changed me in mid year. I like the open endedness of a question.

Leah, Mine is “Freedom”. I set myself free.

Happy 2011!! Terah

yes, this word is just perfect! what an amazing ride this coming year will be for you!

I always find it difficult to choose one word! There are so many things to work towards…. but I totally understand focus…maybe that should be my word…haha…

That’s lovely! What a perfect word. I posted about mine today; though I basically split the year into three; one part inspiration, another part enchanting and integration as my final “stage”.
I also drew a sketch to represent what I’ve learned from this year.
I wish you love and luck with your metamorphosis.


beautiful! Many blessings on your path to motherhood. Thanks for sharing. Love the process of Metamorphosis. Such a gift.
My word for 2011 is Ripening. Feeling in tune with the natural process of life, ripening, softly, organically, just in time.

Metamorphosis! I never thought of that as a word of the year before, but it is such a good one. (Very drawn to the colors in your painting, btw.)

My word last year was joy and I bought a Superhero Joy necklace to remind me of it, but my weekly photo project kept it firmly in my head. I suspect that doing a photo project for trust (next year’s word) will do the same thing. I hope.

That sounds perfect. It also sounds like you have a very good attitude to the changes ahead. Making space for them but not prejudging what it’ll be like too much. This is good. Each baby is a person in their own right and much of what adjusting to motherhood involves is figuring out who this person is and how to have a relationship with them. You are off to a great start.

Best wishes for 2011

I like to think of putting an idea within a chrysalis, and allowing time for its metamorphosis. There is nothing more exciting than seeing an idea manifest itself in the physical world.

Perhaps that little idea within your own cocoon provided you with a prompt!

[...] to eat lots of cookies, Leah’s suggestion to make like a butterfly and let your life metamorphose, caught a glimpse of Dale’s new book, Portrait of the Artist (it’s handbound!!!), [...]

I love your word, it’s perfect. I decided to pick a word for each season this year.

Lovely word and lovely painting, Leah. My word for 2011 is “Passion”, something I realised recently I was putting up barriers to (if that makes grammatical sense). Have a great break over Christmas, New Year and a lovely Metamorphic-filled 2011.

I think this word fits you perfectly! Happy holidays to you and your family, Leah.

I love that word and think it will fit your year perfect. This isn’t first year picking a word and I’ve been having a tough time but I’m settling on growth, since it is not only something I’m working towards but also want to grow into this artist I’m becoming!

Hmm…this is definitely something worth thinking about. A word that will help to frame and transform the upcoming year. A word that will embody all I am trying to do and become in the New Year.

On the 14th, I was terminated from my corporate nursing job. After recovering from the hit to my pocketbook, I realized that this is a blessing in disguise. I was so unhappy and on the road to becoming someone I don’t recognize and wouldn’t want to know. I was becoming bitter, and the bitterness began to permeate everything.

So my wish for the upcoming year is to become who I’m meant to be and not some cutout version of who the world thinks I should be. I’m going to take a page out of Joseph Campbell’s book: my word for 2011 is BLISS.

I want to have blissful life from my creative endeavors to my relationships to my finances. I want to “Follow my bliss” as Campbell wrote, and be led by my desire and not fear or the illusion of security.

Bliss, bliss, bliss. Bring it on, Universe.

Leah, your word, metamorphosis is magnificent! So perfect for you. This is a wonderful exercise in self-reflection and exploration – congratulations!!! Hugs, Janet

Such a lovely post and painting to go with it! Your word is perfect for the exciting year you have coming up,Leah. After thinking for a while I decided on focus for my 2011 word, as I wish to put my energy into fewer things and not feel so scattered. Wishing everyone a year of health and joy!

Metamorphosis seems a perfect word for becoming a mother. Congratulations, dear Leah! Stopped by to wish you happy holidays, and I’m so happy to find you have someone extra wonderful to celebrate this year! Wishing you love and peace and joy. Merry Christmas – and happy metamorphosis! xox

I’ve been trying to find the right word. It’s something to do with joy, enjoy, rejoice. And something to do with celebrate. I want to celebrate my life as I live it, instead of always looking for what comes next and what needs to be done.

I’m going to do some figuring out this week.

Metamorphosis is a good one for you.

Metamorphasis was the theme for last year as I dove into a chronic condition and then got surgery; post recovery, I am a newly pain-free person on the road to renewed strength and flexibility. 2011 will be the year of focus — decluttering my surroundings, my brain, and reinventing myself as a professional creative person. I WILL find enough streams of income to meet financial goals. I will compromise, but not give up. Once I have focus, it will be easier to stay the course, bend as needed by outside circumstances, but remain on course.

Metamorphasis is perfect for me in 2011. I’m trying to evolve and develop a freer, more go-with-the-flow style of crafting. It’ll be a challenging but necessary journey for my personal growth. Thanks for the inspiration.

Mine is RENEW. Renew my soul, health and spirit.

That’s a great word, Leah. I’ve been choosing a word for a couple years now. You originally gave me the idea. Last year it worked a charm. Powerful stuff. This year I chose the word “decide.” It will be a challenge that one :)

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