Heart Strings on the Water

February 23rd, 2011

This was fun. I decided to start painting intuitively with Passion in mind. I chose colors and music to listen to with this in mind. I started simply painting in a passionate manner. Then I stepped away to let it dry and came back later in the day. The bit of yellow in the center of a red/blue landscape, made me think of a heart at sea, so I painted in the boat around it. A larger bright spot made me think of the moon, so I made that more clear. I played with the waves and sky and eventually saw a whale beneath the surface.

I think the red string has something to do with heart strings and an umbilical cord, blood lines and life. Whales are always loaded with symbolism for me, so I'm not surprised to see one pop up here.

I enjoyed painting with passion in mind! And I look forward to seeing more of your passionate creations!

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Truly beautiful….so serene and lovely. Happy to have seen this today!

awesome painting! i love your description of it also!

This is so dreamy and your description is delightful. I think it mirrors your fram of mind, dear Leah.

I love this painting!!!!

Beautiful colours & movement! It really does seem to reflect you being pregnant because the word ‘cradling’ came to mind along with the water & feeling of rocking. So I sound like a complete looney tune but that’s what came to mind for me. Lol.

Kat X

Amazing work and well done for following your intuition on this beautiful painting. Always the way leading one into the inner world. :) Hope you are well x

One of my most passionate creations was born 16 years ago today.:o) I wrote today about how closely linked passion/joy and sadness are. You cannot have one without the other.

I also posted a picture of a punch hook rug I made awhile ago. Punching the hook through the burlap got me through a stressful time of raging uncertainty.

Funny how the intense feelings at the time of creation lead to a peaceful end. :)


P.S. I dreamt more than once while I was pregnant that I gave birth to walruses!! LOL

it is clear that this is an intuitive creation/my favorite kind! whales are also full of symbolism for me as well…
this whole thing is beautiful. whale wow. xo

this is delightful! i admire your intuitive style so much!

I love the idea of playing with color–just beginning and letting the creative muse develop as you go along. This has a child-like spirit; I do love the big, bold color areas. Very nice! :)

Very soothing :-)

Have you ever read the legend of the red thread? :) Loved this.

Playful. Divine. Do you do blog banners?

love the color and expression in this piece

I really enjoy this painting, thanks for sharing it :)

this is beautiful Leah.
the colours are so rich and I love the scene. :-)

I love your process…and the result :-)

Every time I see your paintings I wish I had the skill and talent you do. Awesome.

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