Lit From Within

February 2nd, 2011

I had this idea in my head last month and it seemed like a good transition from the month of Cosmos to the month of Passion. My original idea was quite different from what came out though.

In my head, the idea was one of a woman being lit from within by stars. But as I started painting, I wanted something more colorful. And then this afternoon, I checked something online and saw that the Chinese New Year starts tomorrow (the year of the Rabbit) and suddenly knew I wanted rabbits in the image. I saw it as three rabbits jumping over her. The white trees were a last minute addition.

So the image I ended with is quite different from where it started, but the idea is the same. I see it as representing how when you shine you own light (your passion, your you-ness, your creativity) out into the world, it encourages others to do the same.

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Hi Leah,

Love this…very colourful and peaceful too…

Again, WOW! I love how when you see something in your head and bring it into the physical it transforms into something surprising and sometimes even better. I love this!

Oh this is gorgeous! Would you mind my asking if you paint the figure onto the black background or mask her out? It’s truly beautiful and love what you’re doing here.

Hi Leah, This painting is wonderful! Elena poses a good question. I would like to know your process too.
Your passion is very evident in this painting. This is a great topic – better than I imagined. Thank you for presenting it!

Beautiful. Peaceful and energetic at the same time…lovely!

Leah, did you combine ink and acrylic on paper for this piece? Did you start with abstract form with your idea in mind?

Its a lovely piece. :o )


Thats supposed to be smiley face btw. :)

Oh my!!! I just love the colors in this piece! I have been looking at those same stark but striking trees in my backyard the past couple of weeks. I love warming sunny weather but I’ll have to say that there is something very beautiful about winter as well.

Thanks, guys!

Janet and Elena, for this piece, I painted in a colorful background first and then used a purple-black paint to mask out the images of the woman and rabbits.

Mari, this piece is just acrylic paint on paper, but I do like to combine ink and acrylic! I did have a basic image in mind as I started, but it changed and developed after I began.

This is beautiful. I love the red and the dark background. You’ve created a wonderful, mysterious atmosphere in this painting.

Happy Lunar New Year! Your baby’s going to be a rabbit!

Thanks, mischief mari! I know it! I’ve been painting a lot of rabbits lately, but didn’t realize until recently that my little girl will be born in the year of the rabbit!

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Very nice, and I like the idea of being lit from within.. sooo with you on shining our ‘one-ness’ – beautiful painting.

Love this piece Leah! The rabbits, the colour, the lovely lady!

I adore the sky.

We’ve just joined up for this year – a month behind but better late than never.

I love CED and all the inspiration it brings, thank you for doing this again x.

Leah, I just love this painting. The colors are amazing. Bravo!

Love it! Beautiful colors.

Just found some information on your challenge and have signed up – sounds wonderful, and perfectly in line with my efforts to never leave a day without contributing to it in some positive way.

oh Leah this is beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Lovely painting, there is something about it that gives you a sense of freedom to be who you are.

This piece is wonderful! I love the feel of it! I love the dancing rabbits over her head. Year of the rabbit!
I finally finished my painting for Cosmos too.

I love, love, LOVE this

I love this. It’s powerful and gentle at the same time. Beautiful!

This is great, love how the bright colors are contained with the body of the girl and the rabbits!

Very beautiful! Nature’s power… Before I read your description I thought the rabbits were all little “bambis” <3

Mmm. Fantastic piece, the colours are wonderful.

just lovely. i really like the rabbits. :-)

Hi Leah,

Thank you for popping by…also thank you so much for CED..I have found some really lovely people here… hope you and bump are doing well….

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Oh WOW on two fronts. One: wow I love this painting it is so full of passion and has a mystical spiritual energy. Love it!
Two: wow because yesterday I posted about shining from the inside out. When I read your post I had like a strong feeling, almost a shiver (don’t laugh)of connecting with you across the thousands of miles. I’ve also been writing notes(for a non-fiction piece) this week about how we shine when we create with honesty & truth, letting our true selves show despite our fears of how we’ll be received by others. Anyway, I wrote a little of this on my blog post & today reading your post I felt even more sure of this truth. And I have to say you inspire me to shine, thank you!

Kat Xx

Lovely! Joyous! Inspiring!

Leah! I absolutely LOVE this painting!!!

I love the way the deep black helps the trees and the rabbits to really glow! It’s a happy piece for me and full of fun.

I love your art and the way it made me feel, first time tunning into your creative blue blog, which is one of my favorite colors,, the image of a woman meditating is right on point, she is so deep in thoughts that she concentrates and imagine counting rabbits for inspiration and becomes all in one and inclusive, she becomes a rabbit in the middle of that pretty rainbow of colors background, she is so inspired that her hair is blowing on the right side of her face and body, thanks for sharing this beautiful inspiration!!!!

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