April 27th, 2011

There are still a few tiny touches to put into the nursery, but I couldn't wait any longer to share this little room that I've been working so hard to create. I'm in love with it (it's definitely my favorite room in the house!) and hope our little girl will love it too. I've shared where I got some of these items at the bottom of this post, just in case anyone is curious.

At first I was thinking of doing a yellow and gray nursery, but the hubster didn't think it was feminine enough, so I went with aqua and yellow. Looking around for inspiration, I saw a gorgeous nursery that used the Robin's Nest paint color with yellow and happened to have a very similar crib to the one we bought! So we started with the crib and wall color and went from there.

I loved adding all the personal touches along the way. Customizing and hand-creating items really made the space magical for me. I sewed the crib skirt and curtains out of fabric I found online and painted the sweet, simple wall mural of trees, each with its own bird and/or woodland creature.

I enjoyed customizing items, like the mirror and lamp, which I painted to match the nursery. I also loved adding hand-crafted items from loved ones, like the quilt hanging over the chair, created by my talented cousin, Kim.

Looking to put something in the space to the right of the dresser, I combined the idea of the hubster (to paint another tree) and my best friend (to hang a growth chart), and painted a growth chart tree with a little bunny rabbit. I love how it came out. I'm planning to use white cut-out leaves (or birds or butterflies) made of contact paper, to mark her growth on the wall.

Here are some detail shots:

I fell in love with this clock from Decoylab early on (they make the coolest clocks!), but it was a bit translucent and looked off-white on the wall. So I painted it white to make it opaque. Perfect!! I love how it also looks a bit like a round moon on the wall.

This clothesline was hand-crafted by my best friend for my baby shower. Isn't it adorable? I love the little "A."

Here are some close-ups of the lamp. It fit so perfectly with with the little birdies and was easy to customize with some paint and a white lampshade.

It was fun combining items and art, my own (like "Lucy and the Elephant" and "Owl and the Pussycat" paintings) and that of others (like the Amy Ruppel encaustic above, and the polka dot bucket full of fans from Judean), that I already had in my possession, to decorate the room.

I'm sure I'll be adding/subtracting and changing things up over time on the shelves.

And I had to share the little squirrel because he's a bit hidden, but so sweet. :-)

I hope you enjoyed the peek into my baby girls' nursery! We've got less than 2 weeks til my due date, so we'll soon be adding the best part: her!



Paint: Benjamin Moore Natura paint in Robin's Nest, applied by my step-dad (thanks, Gil!)

Crib: Babyletto Modo crib from Amazon.

Wall mural of trees, woodland creatures, and growth chart: Hand painted with acrylic.

Rug: notNeutral Seasons rug purchased from

Curtains and Crib skirt: I made these myself with Premier Prints Suzani fabric in corn yellow from I used a slightly modified version of the Young House Love no-sew tutorial to create the crib skirt. I did sew the hem of the skirt, but I used her (brilliant) velcro idea for the top. There are blackout honeycomb shades hidden behind the valances.

Mirror and lamp: I purchased both at Home Goods and painted them to match the nursery. I changed the lamp shade to a simple white one.

Dresser, toy box, night stand, and bookshelf: Land of Nod (love their furniture!)

Nightlight: Oxo "Tooli." The hubster and I love this thing. It's super cute.

Baskets/buckets: The ones in and on the dresser (except for the small white one, which was a gift), book shelf, and next to glider are from The Container Store. The elephant bin next to the crib was a gift from my dad and step-mother, but I've seen them at Giggle.

Clock: Decoylab on Etsy (I painted it to make opaque white.)

Glider: Dutalier from Baby Furniture Warehouse (gift from my mom.)

Wall shelves: Home Depot. Artwork on shelves is by me! I'm not sure where the little bird/votive holders came from. I bought them for myself ages ago. The letter A was also a gift.

Mobile: Pottery Barn. I have to say, the mobile is super cute, but the music that went along with it was dreadful. We ended up buying a clearance mobile to change the music box part.

Art on top shelf of book shelf and hanging above it: Two paintings by me and "Urban love" encaustic by Amy Ruppel that I've had in my collection for years. The yellow polka dot bucket and adorable fans were created by my best friend as baby shower decorations. I had to take some home with me!

Clothesline (on the back of the door): Also by my best friend, Judean as part of a baby shower decoration. She hand-dyed the clothes and constructed them, which totally blew me away!

Any other questions, ask away!

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That is beautiful! I love the colors, the layout, the simplicity, and the overall beauty. I can’t take my eyes off of it. It’s absolutely fabulous!

Your room is so sweet, you must be very excited… A friend of mine at work just had a baby and she is so sweet, babies are so precious!

Oh my…soooo beautiful and lovely! I’m certain your little baby girl will be loving it…so tranquil and peaceful … but lots to look at!

What a beautiful room. I can see how much love went into creating it. I love the trees and all the birds added. Such a delight. It has a very peaceful feeling about it.

Every detail just makes me squeal! I love the colors, the feels so soft. Leah!! You guys did a great job. xo

I don’t have kids of my own (except my dogs!), and don’t know a lot about nurseries, but this is one of the most awesome rooms I’ve ever seen. If I was a baby growing into a little toddler, I would totally dig it. :)

Your nursery is stunning. I remember how excited I was before both my daughters arrived and how I slaved over every detail to make their rooms perfect, just like you have. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t keep it looking so pristine after the new arrival though – sleep comes first! It’s beautiful.

Hi Leah,That color combination is just so beautiful and the room looks so calm and pretty. LOve that you made the tree into the growth chart. Your little girl will be very lucky to have this room…and you! :)

Oh Leah,
I can just picture you and your little sweetheart in that room snuggling in the chair! It is such a precious space that you have so lovingly created. What a wonderful place for a little girl to grow. Love the colors and accents and (you know me) especially the trees! Just awesome. I am so happy for you and your hubby!

This is the cutest! You will have one very lucky girl

It’s all very lovely. Congrats.

Beautiful job and lucky baby!

Absolutely adorable Leah! I LOVE it!

Love it – :)

This is SO beautiful Leah! Really unusual and so special with all the little touches. I would love it for my own room, height chart and all! :) What a lucky little one. x

Oh Leah! I can’t believe how beautiful it is! You did an amazing job! I love everything about it. Enjoy the next few weeks before the big day. Love you!!!

I love that it’s not bathed in pink! It’s so beautiful! Great job!

How absolutely beautiful! What a magical home this beautiful baby is coming into. ((hugs))

leah….this is beautiful.
so much to be happy about.

Leah, I have to say – and I’m 64 and I have 10 grandkids – this is the most beautiful nursery I have ever seen. Ever. You did an exceptional job for a lucky little girl, not just for the nursery but for her parents too.

This is so beautiful Leah! You did a fabulous job. I really love the trees and the little creatures. Such a special touch. She’s going to love it!

Oh darlin’ it’s just beauteous. So deliciously you, AND so calm and sweet and baby-welcoming. Lucky kid. :) Hugs, D

Everything about this rooms screams LOVE, Leah. Precious.

xo, K

Very cozy, and I love the trees and the critters gazing up

I love what you’ve created for the nursery. Delightful and enchanting (just like you ;)

This room is beautiful, you have done a wonderful, wonderful job decorating it! Lucky little girl to have a mommy like you ;-)

How beautiful! I aspire to create such an amazing nursery when the time comes for me :)

Oh…my. This is just lovely! If I ever have another little one, I will come back here for nursery inspiration! <3


Absolutely stunning! Inspired colour scheme. You’ve done an amazing job. I love everything but my favourite parts are the trees (inc growth tree) and animals/birds all painted on the walls.

Two weeks (ish) to go until you can show your baby girl her room. Yay, it is soooo exciting.Can’t wait to see photos of her.

Take care of yourself and enjoy some special couple time with hubbie now before baby comes. Big hugs
Kat Xx

It’s beautiful, Leah, and so very made-by-you-with-love. Lucky baby!

Wishing you joy (and ease) as the big day approaches.

Oh my goodness, Leah!!! How special and sweet your daughter’s room is, and how remarkable that we are all lucky enough to see it. I adore the bunny and the trees and the squirrel and….and….and….You are SO talented and it is obvious how much love you put into every inch of space.

Absolutely PERFECT, which doesn’t surprise me at all :) Mommy Leah xo

It’s obviously been a while since I visited as I didn’t know you were pregnant….CONGRATULATIONS!!! I became a first time Grandma in December ‘10 and I’m loving every moment. Your nursery is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE the colours!!

I helped sew a lot of baby stuff for my granddaughter’s nursery (magenta, yellow and lime green) and it truly is special when you help create things yourself. You did a magnificent job, Leah!!!

I’m SO excited for you!

Love and best wishes,
Serena xo

Your nursery is absolutely beautiful! You have done an amazing job. Congrats on the baby!

I LOVE the growth tree!!!! What a great idea! :)

Beautiful! Congrats on the baby! :)

Wonderfully your baby has had the treat of creating her room with you. She already knows what she’s getting into.
She has, I bet, helped guide you from her current space, even down to assisting with the color choices. She knew the Natura BM paint was it for her. She says MOM/Dad, I knew you wouldn allow the VOC’s in my room.
Thanks for the view. It is wonderful.

Leah! I adore every cm of this nursery! It is beautiful!

Amy, how beautiful. I think your room is so much more gorgeous than your model, although it def. provided some good ideas. Lovely,
Tina in San Diego

Leah, what a beautiful room! So gorgeous for her – and also for you as I am sure you will be spending much time in there. Thank you for sharing it – what an inspiration. Hope you are excited for the new arrival, and you have a smooth birth and that little nursery is filled with magic and happiness

Dear Leah,
Thank you dearly for sharing a very big part of your life with us, and for creating such a loving and warming place for your little girl to be born into.
I love the theme, and the little touches of art in it. Shows a very loving space come to light.
Well done, and all the best for your birth. xx

It’s beautiful! What a warm and loving space for your little girl.

Your choice of color and attention to details has made for a truly lovely room. I am most taken with the “growing” tree. That is a fabulous idea!

Ah, very beautiful! I love what you’ve done with this fabulous nursery. Your creativity shines so beautifully, what a lucky little one you have. Best to wishes to your family.

This is the most fabulous nursery I’ve ever seen, Leah! Amazing! Can’t wait to see the bouncing, bundle of joy making her first appearance in her dazzling new nest!
xx Lille

What an enchanting and magical space. I would want to live in that room too.

Hi, Leah! Stopping by after not having been here since AEDM. I can’t believe your due date is getting so close!

Your nursery is absolutely stunning! Definitely magical and so personal. What a great place for your little girl to grow up.

All the best!

I LOVE it! Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration!

I LOVE the color combination and the personal touches, especially the white mural.

This is the cutest nursery I have ever seen! I love it; especially the trees. I am so happy for you! XO Melba

This is so lovely! Makes me want to redo my room!

OMG! That bunny peering up at the growth chart is ADORABLE!! Colors, critter, thoughtful details – all of it wonderful. I’m past the reproducing stage, and never had kids, but this nursery is utterly inspiring to me … congratulations, and best of luck in your latest – and perhaps greatest – creative endeavor!

Muy encantadora la habitaciĆ³n de tu bebe.

The room is gorgeous! I love the handpainted trees flanking the crib. What a wonderful space for your little one to grow up in!

Ahhhhh….for the days when I dreamed of the new little ones…enjoy every minute:)

This gets me thinking…my eldest will be 15 next week. I will get out the pictures of his room when we first created it before he was born…and a picture of how he creates his space now:)


THE best nursery I’ve ever seen…wow, it is simply gorgeous!!!

Leah, what a exciting two weeks you have now, just waiting waiting waiting. This is super cute, everything about this room is sweet, inviting and cozy. :-)

Take care of you!

This truly takes my breath away with it’s beautiful simplicity. I adore it and it is inspiring me.

OMG! This is the cutest nursery I have ever seen! I love it. Congratulations!

came from spearmint baby – love the growth chart tree!

I don’t know if someone already asked this, but I wanted to know what the name of the yellow paint color is that you used on the mirror?

Jennifer, I believe it was a Liquitex cadmium yellow. I had to mix it with titanium white to get the right shade.

Love this! I wish I could have painted our nursery, but we rent and I hate painting rooms back to white every time we move :( You did such an amazing job!

Hi Leah,

I just found your blog while looking for nursery inspiration. Wow! It’s lovely! Exactly the type of mood I would like to create. Coincidentally, I’m using the exact same fabulous fabric for my crib skirt. My question for is, where did you get the wonderful crib sheet?



WoW!!! Sigh….speechless.

Leah, I must have missed this a year ago! It’s just perfectly wonderful, with your loving, artistic touch.

[...] via Kristen on [...]

I love this room. I am going to paint barn swallows in our nursery. I’m curious if you used wall paint or some other type of paint for the trees.

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