Guest Video Post by Goddess Leonie

May 13th, 2011

Oh my, my dear friend Leonie is pure magic. Enjoy this guest video post all about living and creating BIG!!

Goddess Leonie is the creator of, a popular creativity + spirituality blog for women.

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Oh WOW Leonie!!! Feeling infused with your wild energy and the sheer joy of this video. So much sparkle and light and loveliness. Thank you soooooo much :)

i LOVE Goddess Leonie!!! her videos make me smile and giggle :)

So funny and vibrant, I love Leonie :D

Love Love Love!

Left a link ~ Now have own domain so blog addy is a bit different ~ I am not necessarily following your themes ~ just trying to be creative every day in some way ~ hope this works ^_^

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