Day 11: Thought Birds

November 11th, 2011

I had the general idea for this piece a few weeks ago, sketched out in my sketchbook, but the way it developed today with the paint splotches, was spontaneous and fun. I like it!

Today, my mom watched Annabelle, so I could get my hair cut (heaven is getting your hair washed!!) and she brought over a hat she knit for her. Oh my goodness, it's adorable! Thanks, mom!

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Thank you do much for all of your hard work with this challenge! I am enjoying it so much! I have been reading your blog all month and never saw a place for comments & I finally discovered it!

Your work is beautiful and your baby is adorable!

Thanks so much! Kris Lanae

Beautiful! And the hat is SO cute!

I love the birds floating around the thought circle. It’s as if the birds are protecting the thoughts. It is very peaceful!

this is so cool

What very agile ’spontaneity’!
The cutest babe:)
Gwen xx

She is too cute!

Aaaawwweee! Sweet! Talented grandma too.
Are the birds white on the blue splotches or a resist? Working with something similar at the moment.

this is really cool! I like how you have it spiraling.
Adorable picture :)

I love the thought birds! And Annabelle in her little cap is beyond precious! :)

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